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Automatic Traffic Recorders.
In 1997 we introduced our TRAX line of automatic traffic data recorders. With their ease of use, yet powerful
capabilities, these recorders quickly became the top choice for people seeking to accurately count and classify traffic.

In the years since, we have made constant refinements and improvements, all with the goal of continuing to provide
the most technically innovative and electronically advanced line of recorders, while maintaining simplicity of operation.
We've also introduced new recorders, like the Radar Recorder and TRAX Cycles Plus to provide additional options for
data collection.

JAMAR traffic data recorders are now used across the United States, and Worldwide, by thousands of people who
appreciate their reliability, ease of use, and accuracy. They are employed on a daily basis by a broad range of users,
including Federal Agencies, State DOTs, Local Agencies, Planning Commissions, Universities, Police Departments,
Engineering Firms and more.

You will not find a better solution to your traffic data collection needs than a JAMAR traffic data recorder.

There are several different models to choose from, largely depending on how you want to collect your data and what
you want to collect. For more information, click on the item you are interested in below, or view a
comparison chart of
the data recorders.
Radar Recorder - The Radar Recorder is a unique member of the JAMAR line of traffic data recorders,
offering the ability to collect data through radar sensing rather than road tubes or loops. Ideal for locations where
speed or volume data is needed, it keeps personnel out of the road and can be installed in a matter of minutes.
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TRAX Apollyon - Introduced in 2009, the TRAX Apollyon (say it A-Polly-On) is the latest generation of the
TRAX series. It records data faster than any TRAX before it, providing the highest degree of accuracy. It also adds the
ability to download data to a USB Flash Drive and eliminates the need for battery charging or changing through the
use of long life lithium batteries.
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Comprehensive Traffic Data Collection with Road Tubes - Volume, Speed, Class and More
No Road Tubes, no Loops - Portable Speed and Volume Data Collection with Radar
JAMAR automatic traffic recorders are the easiest to use in the industry and will provide you with highly accurate data
The JAMAR Radar Recorder allows you to collect highly accurate traffic data without ever entering the roadway.
Police Department
Attention Police Officers:
Save yourself time, money and
aggravation by quickly & easily
collecting speed data with our
data recorders.
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TRAX Cycles Plus - Introduced in 2014, the TRAX Cycles Plus is the newest model in the TRAX line of automatic
traffic data recorders. This device represents a leap forward in the design of pneumatic road tube traffic data
recorders by providing a set of features and capabilities that are unmatched by any other
traffic recorder on the market.
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Collect Vehicular and Bicycle Counts with a Tube Counter Using Basic Data
Black Cat Radar Recorder - The Black Cat is the next generation in Radar Recorders, allowing you to accurately
collect comprehensive traffic data without having any sensors in the road.  The Black Cat detects Lane Position of
Vehicles, detects 2 Lanes in Same Direction, has a modem option for remote access, stores multiple data files, has
a ‘Quick Set’ Configuration Option, provides more accurate vehicle lengths, has a built-in solar power connection
and provides 98% Count Accuracy.
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HI-TRAC EMU3 - The World's Most Comprehensive Permanent Station Data Recorder
HI-TRAC EMU3 - Simply put, the HI-TRAC EMU3 is the World's most comprehensive permanent station traffic data
recorder - bar none.
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