Bicycle and Pedestrian Monitoring

The HI-TRAC CMU is a small, low powered, low cost electronic system capable of monitoring bicyclists and pedestrians. The CMU can use either piezo-electric or loop sensor technology to detect bicycles in either dedicated cycle ways or mixed traffic lanes as well as a pyroelectric infrared sensor to detect pedestrians.


Unique algorithms are used to measure the axle count, speed and wheelbase to distinguish true bicycles from other traffic including child scooters, motorbikes and mopeds.


The CMU unit is sealed to IP68 and is installed into a small trail or roadside pillar. Power is typically provided by a 6V rechargable battery connected to a solar panel on the pillar.

Remote 3G access is provided by an internal SIM card that allows for either data download on demand, or automatic upload to the cloud.

Key Features

Pedestrian Monitoring

3G Accessible

Bicycle Monitoring

Cloud Data Hosting

Solar Powered


-Detects Bicycles, Bicycle Clusters, Bicycles in two directions, Bicycles with Pedestrian walking and Bicycles made of non-metal materials including Carbon-Fiber


-Measures Speed, Direction and Gap/Headway with Vehicle-by-Vehicle (VBV) data storage


-Installed into dedicated cycle ways or mixed traffic lanes


-Data Access Options include hardwire serial connection, local wireless Bluetooth and remote 3G modem


-Pedestrian detection using pyroelectric infra red sensors.

Standard Pillar

Pillar w/ Wood Option

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