Real Time Bicycle Count and Message Board

The Cycle Information Display allows you to show cycle count information in real time, while providing message board information. These displays help to engage the cycling community and promote cycling initiatives. The simple yet effective design is highly customizable and can show information including number of cyclists today, number of cyclists year-to-date, temperature, date and more.


The message portion of the sign is changeable and variable, allowing you to custom the display for special events. This also provides revenue possibilities through sponsorship opportunities.


Data recording is done through a built-in CMU.

Key Features

Pedestrian Monitoring

3G Accessible

Bicycle Monitoring

Cloud Data Hosting


-Excellent visibility in all weather conditions

-Traffic data memory

-Front panel can be designed with city crest or other logos

-Aluminium body

-Promotes healthy way of living

-Low energy consumption

-Uses latest LED technology

-Auto dimming

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