Simply put, the HI-TRAC EMU3 is the World's most comprehensive permanent station traffic data recorder - bar none.

If you are struggling with underperforming equipment or have maintenance headaches from trying to keep your equipment running, the EMU3 is the solution for you.  Hundreds of EMUs are currently deployed around the world, relentlessly collecting highly accurate data and making life easier for traffic data technicians.  The power of the EMU3 is in its flexibility. With one piece of equipment you can go from single loop volume to multisensor array classification to Weigh-in-Motion to Bicycle data collection.

Integrated 3G modem access allows the unit to be monitored remotely, and data retrieved, without field visits.

Yet despite the many features the EMU3 provides, it's easy to setup and maintain. A built-in keyboard and display make on-board programming easy.  Manufactured by Q-Free TDC, this equipment is backed by one of the industry's leading names, so you can be safe in the knowledge that service and support will be top notch.

The EMU3 will save you time, aggravation and money.



The most comprehensive permanent station traffic data recorder.

Loop, Piezo, WIM and More.

Operating Features

The HI-TRAC EMU3 is designed to be installed in a permanent roadside cabinet. It can be powered from mains supply or solar panel and associated battery/regulator in permanent installations. Alternatively, due to its low power consumption, it can be powered from a 6v battery for a limited survey period at sites where no other power source is available.


The HI-TRAC® EMU3 is the 3rd generation of the very successful HI-TRAC EMU system which now includes 32MB on-board Flash Memory and standard 8GB Micro SD Memory which is expandable to 32GB. The system boasts greater processing power and much lower power consumption.


A 4-line by 20-character LCD located on the front panel displays the data recorded from the last vehicle and in conjunction with a 16-key membrane keypad facilitates localized setting of configuration parameters, calibration and other functions.

Extensive Lane Configurations

The EMU3 is capable of collecting data from a wide array of sensor configurations.


These include:

Single Loop

Loop - Loop

Piezo - Piezo

Loop - Piezo - Loop

Piezo - Loop - Piezo

Loop - Piezo - Piezo - Loop


With these configuration options, the EMU3 is compatible with just about any permanent site. It will work in volume mode or classification from 1 to 8 lanes.

Highly Flexible Input Options

The EMU3 has been designed to be extremely flexible with the amount and type of inputs available.


With 16 separate piezo inputs and 16 loops inputs, the EMU3 is able to do up to 8 lanes of vehicle classification or volume counting.


The EMU3 also contains a number of additional ports that give you options with your data collection.

For example, an output port of the EMU3 can be used to connect to a camera to trigger pictures based on the data received.

Easy Maintenance Features

The EMU3 is built in a modular format, with most components easily accessible.

The front panel contains two screws at the top which, once loosened, allows the front panel to drop down, exposing the internal components.

The loop and piezo cards are easily accessible to allow the unit to be updated or modified depending on the needs of a specific site.


This design also makes troubleshooting easy as it allows for cards to be quickly exchanged and replaced when trying to track down faults. The most common replacement items would be loop cards. Although they have onboard transient protection they can on rare occasions be susceptible to electrical surges caused by lightning. To replace a loop or piezo card simply unscrew the retaining bracket and remove the card from its connector.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Options

The EMU3 incorporates an Advanced Loop Profiling function. This function utilizes an Advanced Vehicle Loop Signature Identification Algorithm in the embedded software.


Using the waveform viewing function of the software, the Loop Signature Parameters for any particular class of vehicle is observed and stored.

The signature will show the frequency change profile of the loop detection oscillator as the metal chassis of the vehicle passes over the sensor array.


The loop profiling function enhances the accuracy of  vehicle classification and is built into the EMU3 as a standard feature.

Real Time Data Monitoring

Once your EMU3 is installed and recording, you can see your data in real time using the software's real time view.

The real time view can be seen via local connection or remotely using the unit's internal modem.

Information provided in the real time view includes the time stamp of the vehicle as well as its lane, classification, speed, length and axle spacings.

The real time mode greatly simplifies setting up the unit on site and you can quickly see if data is being recorded the way you expect it to.


In addition to its standard volume or classification data collection, the EMU3 has the optional ability to collect highly accurate Weigh-In-Motion data.

The typical EMU3 WIM solution makes use of Piezo sensors, but it can also be used with Kistler sensors.


Lane configurations for WIM include:

Piezo - Loop - Piezo

Kistler - Loop - Kistler

Piezo - Piezo


WIM data can be collected at speeds ranging from 12 to 112 mph.

Bicycle Data Collection

In addition to its standard automotive data collection capability, the EMU3 also has the ability to collect bicycle data.

With the need to bicycle data collection taking off, this ability allows you to use the same piece of equipment for both your automotive and bike collection programs.

The EMU incorporates 2 Profiler Vehicle Detection processors. One is located on the EMU3 Motherboard and can support up to 8 sensors and 8 loops. The second Profiler is on the Auxiliary Profiler PCB and can support an additional 8 sensors and 8 loops.

What this means is that you can have one EMU3 collecting automotive data from traffic lanes while simultaneously collecting bicycle data from dedicated (or mixed) bike lanes.

TRAXPro Software Interface

Setup and data download of the EMU3 can be done directly through our popular TRAXPro software.

This allows you to interact with the EMU3 using a familiar interface, reducing your learning curve with the equipment.

It also means that data coming from the EMU3 can be formatted and handled in the same way as data coming from your TRAX road tube recorders or JAMAR Radar Recorders.

This lets you streamline and simplify your data handling processes.

Optional Drakewell C2 Interface

Drakewell’s C2-Web is fast becoming a ‘go-to’ software solution, delivering fast and accurate traffic data that is easily sharable via a web browser. Users can use the C2-Web software to access their data which is securely stored, backed up and held on Drakewell cloud based servers available 24/7.

C2 traffic reports cover vehicle speed, volume, class, lengths, gaps, and more.

Powerful user interfaces make your traffic data come to life with over 100 reports, interactive map interface, graphical and tabular calendars and summary data while advanced checking and patching ensure your data is accurate and validated.

Extensive Documentation

One of the big benefits you get with the EMU3 is comprehensive, detailed documentation that allows you to get up and going with the equipment very quickly and painlessly.


The Quick Start Guide Using Your EMU3 - 9 Steps from Start to Finish walks you through the process from first unpacking the box to getting your final reports in 9 easy to follow steps.


For more detailed information, The EMU3 User's Manual covers all aspects of the product, including:

-Programing using the keypad and display

-Programming via the TRAXPro software

-Data Download using the TRAXPro software

-Piezo Sensor Installation

-Loop Sensor Installation



Length                  +/- 8%

Headway              +/- 7%

Speed                   +/- 1.5%

Speed Range       1 to 125 mph


Piezo-Loop-Piezo           +/- 10%

Loop-Piezo-Loop            +/- 15%

Speed                               +/- 1.5%

WIM Speed Range          12-112 mph


32 MB on-board Flash Memory

8 GB MicroSD Memory (standard).

          Expandable to 32 GB

800,000,000 VBV WIM Records(8 GB)


EMU Supply                      6V DC

Power Consumption       0.1W

Solar Panel Option          10W

Optional                            12V DC


Loop                            8 Lanes

Loop-Loop                  8 Lanes

Piezo-Piezo                 8 Lanes

Loop-Piezo-Loop       8 Lanes

Piezo-Loop-Piezo      8 Lanes


Loop                           Volume

Loop-Loop                 Class

Piezo-Piezo                Class

Loop-Piezo-Loop      Class or WIM

Piezo-Loop-Piezo      Class or WIM


10.75" W x 6" D x 9" H    9.5 lbs

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