TRAX Line of Automatic Traffic Data Recorders


These are our older automatic traffic recorders used to do a variety of traffic studies.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the TRAX units?

View a comparison chart of the various TRAX units.


What is the difference between the formats of the data that can be collected with a TRAX counter?

Depending on the options you selected when purchasing your counters, you may have the ability to collect Volume Only, Binned or Basic data.


Volume Only data can be collected with just one road tube, counting either every axle (Volume Axle) or using the divide-by-two technique (Volume Vehicle).  Divide-by-two means

that the recorder will increment one for every two axle hits. It will record a two-axle car as one (1) count while a four-axle truck will be recorded as two (2) counts.


Basic Data stores a time stamp of every axle hit that is recorded during a study. This data can then be used in a variety of ways using the TRAXPro software.


Binned information gets its name from the fact that the TRAX sorts the data as it is recorded in the field and stores the results in a specific numerical bin. A minimum of two road

tubes must be used, spaced a set distance apart. In this format you can collect vehicle speed information, vehicle classification information, and/or the gap (in seconds)

between vehicles. This data can be collected simultaneously or individually.


Binned and Volume Only data require the least amount of processing with the software. Basic (raw) data provides greater flexibility in working with the data but requires more

steps in the software.


My computer does not have a serial port for download. What can I do?

All JAMAR equipment that interface with a computer currently use a serial (Com) port to do so. However, if you do not have a serial port on your computer (or there is a conflict

with another device), you can use a USB port by using a USB to Serial Adapter. These devices allow serial peripherals, like JAMAR equipment, to interface with a USB port. Full



Why won't my counter download to the software?

There are several possible reasons why a counter may not download to the software.


1. You must use a JAMAR universal cable for the download to work correctly. The counters have a custom configured output and will not work properly with a standard serial

cable. Use of a cable other than the JAMAR universal cable could cause data to be lost or damage to occur to to your equipment.


2. There may be a conflict with how your software is configured. Check the Software Support page for more details on your specific program.


How important are the road tubes in collecting good data?

Critically important. If you road tubes are damaged, are setup improperly, or are not the correct length, you will not get accurate data. More detailed information.


My TRAX battery won't hold a charge. Can I change it?

Yes. The rechargeable battery of the TRAX can be removed and replaced fairly easily. More details...


I did a serial port test on my counter and it failed. Why?  Serial Port test instructions

You may not have been using a test connector for the test. The serial port test requires a test connector to connect pin 2 (the output) to pin 3 (the input) for the test.


How often should the TRAX be tested for accuracy?

At least once a year using a Traffic Counter Tester or other controlled output device.


The GPS coordinates don't appear to be loading into my TRAX Plus unit correctly. Why?

The 'Receiving GPS Data' screen needs to be up on the TRAX Plus display before you connect the GPS device to the TRAX. If the GPS device is connected first, the TRAX may

not receive the signal properly.


Can I download data from the TRAX while it is recording in the field?

There are several ways this can be done, depending on the type of TRAX you are using. More details...


What do the classes stand for in a standard classification study?

Most classification studies are done using the Federal Highway Administration's Scheme F. More details...


The Found New Hardware Wizard popped up when I connected my TRAX Flex HS to the computer. What does that mean?

The first time you connect the USB port of the TRAX Flex HS to a computer, you must install the drivers for it. More details...

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