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Equipment Rentals

We rent three types of equipment designed to collect and store data electronically:

TRAX automatic traffic recorders -  these are portable devices that can be installed by the side of the road on a temporary basis. These units are
connected to road tubes that are installed on the road and used to record traffic as it passes. The TRAX recorders can record data from single days
to entire months, depending on your needs. Data that can be recorded includes volume, classification, speed and gap.

Radar Recorders - these are portable devices that can be installed on a pole by the side of the road. They will record traffic volumes, speed and
length. These units will typically run for one week on a battery charge. An optional solar panel is available as well. The rental period for Radar
Recorders is a minimum of one month.

JAMAR Hand-held Traffic Data Collectors - these are lightweight devices that are used for the manual collection of traffic data. The most common
type of data recorded is intersection turning movements. Other types of data that can be collected with our data collectors include: classification, multi-
direction gap, spot speed, stop sign delay, signalized intersection delay, and saturation flow rate.

Analysis Software
The equipment we rent is designed to be downloaded into a computer so the data can be analyzed and reports can be produced. A temporary rental
license for the software is provided for the period of your rental, plus two additional weeks. This allows you to install and use the software while you have
the rental equipment, and for several weeks after the equipment is returned. Software extensions after initial expiration are $35 per week. The software
is designed for Windows (7, 8 or 10) based computers. TRAX and Radadr recorders are provided with the TRAXPro software while Hand-held Data
Collectors are provided with the PETRAPro software.

Included Accessories
All TRAX automatic traffic recorders are supplied with chain, lock, road tube, nails, clamps, download cable and TRAXPro software.

All Radar Recorders are supplied with chain, lock, mounting kit, download cable and TRAXPro software.

All Hand-held Traffic Data Collectors are supplied with carry case, overlays (if needed), download cable and PETRAPro software.

All accessories, with the exception of road tube, nails and clamps must be returned with the rental equipment. This includes user manuals, software
flash drives and software manuals. Any items not returned will be billed at standard list prices.

• Rental equipment is only available in the United States.          • There is a one week minimum rental period with TRAX and Hand-held units.
• All rental orders are shipped pre-paid credit card.                   • There is a one month minimum rental period with Radar Recorders.       
• Shipping and handling charges are added to order.

Additional Notes
While in a customer's possession, it is the customer's responsibility to use the equipment safely and to have it insured against theft or vandalism. This
is typically done by a 30-60 day rider to your present equipment policy, and is very reasonable, often at very little cost.

There is an ample supply of equipment, but during peak season we do appreciate as much notice as possible to minimize scheduling problems,
especially for large rentals. Peak rental periods are from April through Sept.

Contact us for more information or fill out an On-Line Rental Reservation form to schedule a rental.
TRAX 4 Road Tube Input
Automatic Traffic Data Recorders
One Week Rate
Additional Week
One Month Rate

Turning Movement Data Collector

Radar Recorder
TRAX 2 Road Tube Input
Automatic Traffic Data Recorders