RACPro is data analysis & reporting software for the RAC Geo II Distance Measuring Instruments.


RACPro is a Windows-based program for use with the RAC Geo II Distance Measuring Instruments. It allows you to download surveys that have been collected with the RAC Geo II and once that data is in the program it can be analyzed and edited in a variety of ways. Comprehensive reports, which can be customized to suit your needs, can be produced.


Data can also be collected and sent from the RAC to a computer in real time.


Data that has been collected with GPS coordinates can also be mapped using the optional MapPoint software or Google Earth. Note that mapping with Google Earth requires an active Internet connection. Mapping with MapPoint can be done offline.


Introduced in 2010, this program replaced the older WinRAC Plus software.


RACPro is actively maintained and free technical support is available both online and via phone.

-Downloads Data from the RAC Geo II

-Allows Real Time Interface with Geo II

-Allows Mapping of GPS Data

-Includes more than 500 sign images

-Produces Extensive Reports

-Familiar Windows-style Design

-Multiple Export Options

-Full Technical Support

-And More

Q: What Distance Measuring Instruments does RACPro support?

A: The RAC Geo II and older model RAC Plus III. The RAC Plus I does not have memory capability and thus is not capable of downloading into RACPro.


Q: Is there an upgrade cost from WinRAC Plus to RACPro?

A: No. The base version of RACPro is available for free to licensed WinRAC Plus users. Your WinRAC Plus serial number can be used in RACPro.

Features of RACPro Software

Quick Start Interface

Each time you run RACPro, the Quick Start Options screen will appear first.  The options on this screen correspond to the main features you can access in RACPro. These are: Download Survey, Merge Surveys, Edit Schemes, Open a Recent File, Edit Default Settings and Edit Report Titles.

Download Survey Data from RAC Geo II

Simple point and click selections from RACPro's Quick Start

screen make functions like downloading data easy to do.  Once you have setup the download screen with the settings desired, simply hook up your RAC Geo II and start downloading. RACPro will download all the data stored in the RAC Geo II and create data files that can be analyzed and edited.

Edit Data in Familiar Style

The program's familiar spreadsheet-style interface makes viewing and editing data very user-friendly, even for a casual user. Additional information can be directly added to your data file, and data can be sorted into a number of formats for analysis. You can also easily change measurement units, GPS format and more on the fly.

Map Survey Data

Data that has been collected with GPS coordinates can be mapped using Google Maps or Google Earth, allowing you to get a highly visual representation of the data you've collected. Icons used to map the events you record can be customized to whatever graphics you desire, and text information can be shown.

Export Data into Excel or Access

There may be times when you want to put your survey data into other programs for additional analysis. RACPro gives you two options for doing this. When you have a survey open, go the File menu and you can select to save the data as either a Microsoft Excel (.xls) file or a Microsoft Access (.mdb) file.

Produce Reports

A comprehensive report of your survey data can be easily created and output to either a printer or electronic PDF format.

The finished report can show event codes and descriptions, any comments you have entered, interval distance from one event to the next, total distance from the start of the survey to the event, elapsed and real time, traveling speed at the time of the event, the GPS coordinates of the event and GPS accuracy information.

RAC-GEO-II Sign Inventory Bundle


Everything you need to do sign inventory in one package. Comes complete with the the RAC Geo II instrument, mounting brackets, auto adapter power supply, external GPS antenna and User Manual. Also includes RACPro software, interface cable, laptop computer and carrying case.


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RACPro - 1-5 Seat Site License

RACPro Installation Flash Drive, Reference Manual and RAC USB power/download cable.


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