JAMAR traffic counters are used across the United States and Worldwide by

Federal, State and Local Agencies, Planning Commissions, Universities, Police Departments, Engineering Firms and more.


You will not find a better solution to your traffic data collection needs than a JAMAR tube counter.


There are two models from which to pick. The TRAX Apollyon is an industry-proven device that is relied upon on a daily basis by many data collection professionals. The TRAX Apollyon Plus II is an enhanced version of the Apollyon which adds two features: the ability to accurately record bicycle data and the ability to record GPS coordinates with a count.


The Traffic Counter Tester II is the second generation of the device used to test and certify tube counters. This device allows you simulate traffic in a variety of formats and can be used to certify that TRAX or other road tube counters are working properly. This is a valuable tool for anyone using multiple TRAX counters on an on-going basis.



TRAX Apollyon

TRAX Apollyon Plus II

Traffic Counter Tester II