Traffic Data Collection with Road Tubes - Volume, Speed, Class and More.


In 1997 we introduced our TRAX line of tube counters. With their ease of use and powerful capabilities, these recorders quickly became the top choice for people seeking to accurately count and classify traffic.  In the years since, we have made constant refinements and updates, always providing the most innovative and advanced line of counters, while maintaining simplicity of operation.


JAMAR traffic counters are used across the United States, and Worldwide.  They are employed on a daily basis by a broad range of users, including Federal Agencies, State DOTs, Local Agencies, Planning Commissions, Universities, Police Departments, Engineering Firms and more.


You will not find a better solution to your traffic data collection needs than a JAMAR traffic counter.

TRAX Apollyon

The TRAX Apollyon is the latest generation of the TRAX series.

TRAX Apollyon GPS

The TRAX Apollyon GPS offers the most complete set of features, options and capabilities of any road tube counter in the world today.

TRAX Cycles Plus

The TRAX Cycles Plus will collect Vehicle and Bicycle data.

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