In recent years JAMAR has transitioned its line of equipment from Serial connections that had been used for the past few decades, to USB a far faster and more stable connection.  The first counter from JAMAR with USB capability was the TRAX Flex.  The Flex offered both Serial and USB downloading options. Following that, we released the TDC Ultra turning movement board, this was the first TMB offered with USB downloading.  The TRAX Apollyon, our current Traffic Counter offers both USB download capabilities and USB memory stick capabilities.  Any other JAMAR product that uses serial connections can also have driver issues for those using USB to Serial adapters, these too have a driver.


For the USB downloads from these 3 units to work, there are "Drivers" that need to be installed.  These are small software programs that install in the Windows operating system and allow the OS to talk with the counters.  If these are not installed, or not installed completely, then the connection will fail and the user won't be able to download their data.


We are going to look at some of the ways to troubleshoot driver related connection issues.  There are three primary things that can go wrong with a driver. The first being it is simply not installed, the second that it is only partially installed, and finally the driver is corrupted and needs to be removed and reinstalled

Checking Your Drivers

When you are having trouble loading a device using USB the first thing you check is that everything is on and connected properly.  After that the driver is the very next thing to check.  First to check that there is a driver installed, and then to see what Comm port the driver is attached to.  JAMAR's equipment is designed with USB drivers that will attach to a particular "Com" port in windows.  A com port is not the same as a serial port.  A serial port is a physical plug in the back of your PC, a Comm port is a virtual door into the operating system through which information (your count data) can pass.


Both TRAXPro and PETRAPro are designed so that only those Com ports that are actually available on your PC will show up on the download screens. USB is also hot swappable, this means that when the counter is plugged in and turned on Windows will see it, and recognize its presence.  When the unit is powered off and/or disconnected, then Windows will not see the counter and will not show its presence.


In other words, if the driver is installed and working properly if you have the unit plugged in and turned on, the com port will appear on the download screen as an option.  If the driver is not installed or otherwise not working, you will not see the com port listed.


This all means that the user can very easily check on their driver status.


Here is how:

First open up TRAXPro and click Download Traffic Recorder, then select "TRAX Counter" and you will see this screen:

To go step by step in checking to see if your Flex or Apollyon drivers are installed:


1. Turn on and plug in TRAX Counter.


2. Launch TRAXPro and go to "Download Traffic Recorder=>Download TRAX Counter".


3.Pull Down com port menu and take not of what ports are listed.


4. Unplug cable from either PC or TRAX Counter.


5. Click the "Refresh Serial Ports" button.


6.Check the pull down menu again with counter disconnected.


7. What com port is missing now?


8 Plug counter back in (press TAB on counter faceplate to make sure the counter is awake).


9. Press "Refresh Serial Ports" again.


10. Recheck Comm Port pull down menu, did the missing Comm port reappear?

Whatever port number disappeared and reappeared is the port you want.  If nothing changed in the Com Port Menu as you did these steps, that means that the driver is not setup properly.  The next step in checking this issue out is to go into Device Manager.


Device Manager is accessed through your My Computer Icon, or it can be found in the control panel as well under System.  We will use the "My Computer" icon (in Windows Vista and 7 it is simply labeled "Computer").  To get to Device manager we find the "My Computer/Computer" icon, it will either be on the desktop or in the start menu.  Right Click the icon and select "Properties" from the menu that appears and you should see this (example shown in Windows 7):

Windows 7 Shown

Windows XP Shown

From here we want to select "Device Manager from the upper left of this screen.  Windows XP users will click the "Hardware Tab" along the top of this window, then click the "Device Manager" button.

In Device Manager, what we are looking for it the listing of "Ports (COM & LPT)."


Click on the Arrow (or plus sign if in Windows XP) to expand the "Ports" listings.


If you do not see a listing for Ports (COM & LPT) then you will want to look for an "Other Devices,"  should you have this listing of "Other Devices", Click Here.

This is an example of what you will see when you have your TRAX Apollyon plugged in.


The listing is the "USB Serial Port (COM 7)." Again, we can be sure of this by simply unplugging the USB cable from either the PC or the counter itself, and the listing will vanish.  Plug the counter in, and it will come back.


Should you find that you have your counter plugged in and turned on, AND awake and are still missing both the proper listing under "Ports" as well as "Other Devices" then there is no part of the driver installed.

You will want to Start Here with downloading the driver software. Installation instructions are found here too.

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