Firmware Downloads for GEN1 RADAR RECORDER


Installation Instructions

Installing firmware into the Radar Recorder requires the use of a terminal communications program like Windows HyperTerminal. The instructions below are based on using Windows HyperTerminal but should be similar for other communications programs.

1. Download the zipped firmware file above, save it on your computer, then unzip it.


2. Connect the Radar Recorder to a COM Port on your computer. The interface cable used to connect the Radar Recorder to the iPAQ can be used by removing the iPAQ adapter from the cable.


3. Power on the Radar Recorder by connecting the battery. A battery with a good charge (6.2 volts or higher should be used).


4. Start the Windows HyperTerminal program. It is typically listed under Start, Programs, Accessories, Communications.


5. Assign a name like ‘Radar’


6. Set the Connect Using to whatever Comm Port you are connected to on your computer.


7.  Port Settings should be:

Bits per second: 19200

Data bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop bits: 1

Flow Control: None


8. You can check the connection by entering h in HyperTerminal. This should show the header information of the Radar Recorder in HyperTerminal. (On first connection you may need to type this in two or three times.)


A typical header will look like:


{003338 010103 22}

^00000001 000504 010103 0060 016801 300000 0000000450 7172 01 151 0^

!0000 0000 0000 0190013021!

~003338 010103~


9. Once connected, you can upload new firmware by entering m99- in HyperTerminal. Click on the Transfer menu, then select Send File. Set the protocol to ZModem, then click locate the firmware file you downloaded and unzipped using the Browse button. The file name is RADAR72.HEX. Once this is selected, click Send.


Once transfer is complete, the Radar Recorder will be reset to factory defaults, so you will need to update the date and time the next time you connect the PDA to the Radar Recorder, and also re-enter any lane distances for data collection.


Version 1.72 - Released October 10, 2007