Newer JAMAR equipment, like the TDC Ultra and TRAX Apollyon, uses a standard USB port for download and don't require an adapter.

Much of the older JAMAR equipment that interfaces with a computer uses a serial (Com) port to do so. However, if you do not have a serial port on your computer (or there is a conflict with another device), you can use a USB port by using a USB to Serial Adapter. These devices allow serial peripherals, like JAMAR equipment, to interface with a USB port.


There are several of these devices available on-line and at computer stores. (Some customer have experienced trouble with Belkin and Radio Shack brand adapters.) The adapter can be purchased directly from us as JAMAR part number J-8870.


Most of these devices will come with a device driver CD that must be installed when the adapter is added to the computer. When installed properly, the computer will assign the adapter a COM port number. This is the number you must select in the JAMAR software for downloading equipment.


You can check to see if a COM port number has been installed properly by looking in the computer's Device Manager list under Ports. (In Windows XP, right click My Computer, then select Properties. Click the Hardware tab and select Device Manager.) The listing should be similar to the one shown below.

When using a USB adapter, we recommend that you use the JAMAR universal cable to connect the adapter to your JAMAR hardware, as shown in the picture below.

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