How It Works

Available only from JAMAR, the Modular Distance Sensor & Vehicle Installation Kit provides the best combination of installation ease and accuracy.

Extremely Accurate Measurements

The electronic speed signal in all newer vehicles is an extremely low level signal at low speeds. In fact, many speedometers don’t register under 2-4 MPH. That’s really not a problem for normal vehicle operation but, a big problem if you must use their low level speed signals for measuring distance. While most other Electronic Sensors will detect low level signal down to only 60-30 millivolts, the JAMAR Modular Distance Sensor will detect down to a 10 millivolt signal, providing much more accurate distance measurements.


Other manufacturer sensors are designed to be installed in a very unfriendly environment...under the vehicle’s hood. High temperatures and exposure of wiring to moisture create unnecessary failures and down time for the customer. The JAMAR Modular Distance Sensor is designed to be located inside the vehicle, typically under the dashboard, which not only allows for a cleaner installation but also places the MDS in a much more friendly environment.


Modular Design

Simple installations are achieved by using three (3) plug-in connectors: one to the DMI, one to 12 volts/ground and one to the vehicle speed sensor (VSS). Not only is the installation quick, it is cleaner than having to work in the vehicle's engine compartment.



Only JAMAR Modular Distance Sensors have a SENSOR TEST button to verify that the sensor is functioning properly. In addition, a built-in TAP TEST feature allows you to easily verify that the DMI power signal cable, and the DMI itself, are working properly. These simple tests could save a great deal of time, and you don’t even have to raise the hood to perform them.


Note: Please contact us to make sure your vehicle is compatible with the Modular Distance Sensor.