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Speed Enforcement Software

for Police Departments


This webinar shows Law Enforcement agencies how to collect speed/traffic data, how to analyze/report the collected data, and ultimately how to resolve speeding complaints using a JAMAR Radar Recorder and the new STARnext Software Police Reports.


A common issue police officers are faced with is complaints about speeding. However, a citizen’s perception of traffic speeds does not always match up with what is really happening.  One way to address the issue is to place an officer at the location, gathering speed data. Unfortunately, with today's tight budgets and limited resources, it can be difficult to justify the time involved for this.


That’s where we come in...

 Create COMPREHENSIVE Reports 


 See how EASY! 

Radar Recorder Kit - with STARnext Software and Laptop

Everything you need to get started right away. Comes complete with the JAMAR Radar Recorder, mounting kit, two batteries, battery charger, user's manual and laptop computer with STARnext software pre-installed.


"Why do I need JAMAR..."

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We absolutely love the Radar Unit we purchased from your company. It is exactly what we were looking for to evaluate our streets for speed related questions and problems...The reports are clear and provide as much information as needed so I can report back to my boss and the City Council. Seriously, one of the best investments we have made in the past several years. The data is helping to resolve a number of complaints and help guide us for safer traffic control decision in our community. 

Chief Paul Tomasi

Carmel-by-the-Sea Police Department

“…if my department already has a speed trailer?”

Speed trailers are an outdated concept. They are unnecessarily big and heavy. They are also seen too often by citizens to be effective. Even the trailers that collect data are misleading. Large, lit up, police devices in the roadway cause drivers to do one thing, slow down. Although the slower speed is good temporarily, you cannot rely on data that was collected with a device that clearly affected the driver’s habits.

The JAMAR Radar system sets up in minutes, while only requiring one officer. Your citizens will not know the Radar Recorder is collecting their speeds. You will get unbiased, accurate data, that can be used to generate real and effective speed data reports.

“…if my department already has a speed sign?”

Speed signs are a step up from speed trailers; they are easy to set up and are great public relation tools. However, the speed sign is basically telling citizens what they already know. Your city already has posted speed limit signs. A light up sign is not any more effective in the long term. Much like speed trailers, a speed sign may temporarily slow down traffic. But does it help your overall speeding issue? How would you know if it did?

The JAMAR Radar system will allow you to collect accurate speed data before and after your enforcement efforts. The JAMAR software, will even generate reports to help you determine when and where your enforcement efforts are most needed. The Enforcement Effectiveness Evaluator allows you to clearly see how your enforcement has helped.

“…if my department sends an officer to follow up on speeding complaints?”

How often do you deploy officers to verify/legitimize a speeding complaint? How much time/money does it cost to have an officer follow up on complaints? How many of those complaints have proven to be exaggerated?


The JAMAR Radar system allows you to collect data before an officer ever has to spend valuable time at the site. With the accurate data collected, you can decide if there is a problem, and how to address it. You are saving huge amounts of time, energy, manpower and money.

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