w/ STARnext Software

A common issue police officers are faced with is complaints about speeding. However, a citizen’s perception of traffic speeds does not always match up with what is really happening.  One way to address the issue is to place an officer at the location, gathering speed data. Unfortunately, with today's tight budgets and limited resources, it can be difficult to justify the time involved for this.


That’s where we come in.


How It All Works

One of the big benefits you get with the JAMAR Radar Recorder is comprehensive, detailed documentation that allows you to get up and going with the equipment very quickly and painlessly.


The Quick Start Guide Using Your Radar Recorder - 9 Steps from Start to Finish walks you through the process from first unpacking the box to getting your final reports in 9 easy to follow steps. The Quick Start Guide Understanding Police Reports gives you an in  depth, yet easy to follow, tutorial on the various ins and outs of the software, including tips and tricks on how to get the most effective reports.


End the Arguments over Speeding Complaints

Using a JAMAR Radar Recorder allows you to gather hard evidence of whether or not a problem really exists. This data can be used to find where stepped up enforcement is really needed, or to end arguments over speeding traffic.

The Speed Enforcement Evaluator is a simple, one-page report that concisely displays whether or not a speeding problem exists, based on the percentage of enforceable violations. Using an easy to understand, highly visual format, the report makes for an excellent hand-out at public meetings.

The Radar Recorder is mobile and easy to install. It records a vehicle’s speed and length, while keeping track of traffic volumes for up to two weeks at one time. This equipment uses state-of-the-art microprocessor technology, and will record vehicle data with a high degree of accuracy, eliminating guess work (and second guessing).


Radar Recorder Kit - with STARnext Software and Laptop

Everything you need to get started right away. Comes complete with the JAMAR Radar Recorder, mounting kit, two batteries, battery charger, user's manual and laptop computer with STARnext software pre-installed.


Our RADAR Recorders w/ STARnext Software are changing how PDs collect and analyze speed 3 easy steps...


"The Radar Recorder has been great, easy to set up, use and download.  I have only placed the unit in locations where we have received complaints, not only to prove the complaints are valid, but to prove the complaints are invalid.

Complaints from citizens are usually exaggerated, for many reasons, and we actually had one lady who repeatedly went to the Selectmen meetings (which are televised throughout two towns here) and made it a point to explain how the cars are racing and doing well over 80 MPH every hour of every day. (She also made many comments regarding her thoughts of the police.) Now without going into detail, of the area and road she lives on, it would take a 'high performance dragster' to get up to anything even remotely close to 80. I did not have the time to place an officer on her road to monitor traffic daily, as she demanded. I had put an unmarked car there to monitor a couple of times, which of course she claimed was not placed at the right time. Anyways, after putting up the recorder there, and leaving for a month, I was able to print out a report to the selectmen to show the speed of every vehicle and busiest time of any traffic. Needless to say, she no longer complains, as the report showed that her eyes needed recalibration, and she was greatly exaggerating her complaints.

The unit has been used in about 10 locations and assisted us in determining busiest times of violators and traffic counts. I try to leave it at a location for 3-4 weeks at a time, sometimes longer. I use two batteries and replace one battery about every 5 days or so.

Overall, the unit is great and I would highly recommend the unit to everyone."

Used by Police Departments across the United States