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A common issue police officers are faced with is complaints about speeding. However, a citizen’s perception of traffic speeds does not always match up with what is really happening.  One way to address the issue is to place an officer at the location, gathering speed data. Unfortunately, with today's tight budgets and limited resources, it can be difficult to justify the time involved for this.


That’s where we come in.



You know what the citizens say about traffic in their neighborhood.

Now find out what the evidence says.

"I see cars flying by my house every day!"


Sound familiar?



How It All Works

One of the big benefits you get with the JAMAR Radar Recorder is comprehensive, detailed documentation that allows you to get up and going with the equipment very quickly and painlessly.


The Quick Start Guide Using Your Radar Recorder - 9 Steps from Start to Finish walks you through the process from first unpacking the box to getting your final reports in 9 easy to follow steps. The Quick Start Guide Understanding TRAXPro's Police Reports gives you an in  depth, yet easy to follow, tutorial on the various ins and outs of the software, including tips and tricks on how to get the most effective reports.


End the Arguments over Speeding Complaints

Using a JAMAR Radar Recorder allows you to gather hard evidence of whether or not a problem really exists. This data can be used to find where stepped up enforcement is really needed, or to end arguments over speeding traffic.


The Speed Enforcement Evaluator is a simple, one-page report that concisely displays whether or not a speeding problem exists, based on the percentage of enforceable violations. Using an easy to understand, highly visual format, the report makes for an excellent hand-out at public meetings.


The Radar Recorder is mobile and easy to install. It records a vehicle’s speed and length, while keeping track of traffic volumes for up to two weeks at one time. This equipment uses state-of-the-art microprocessor technology, and will record vehicle data with a high degree of accuracy, eliminating guess work (and second guessing).

Determine the Best Times for Enforcement


In those cases where the data collection has shown that a speeding problem really does exists, typically the next step is to perform enforcement at the location.


Determining what time of the day will enable you to catch the most violators and use your time effectively is the job of the Best Times for Enforcement Report.


This report details, on a daily basis, what times of the day have the largest number of enforceable violations. This information is provided not only for all the traffic, but on a directional basis as well.


The report is defaulted to look for a four hour window of time, but you can easily adjust this for a smaller or larger window as needed. The range available is from one to eight hours.

Determine the Best Locations for Enforcement


Knowing when the best time to do enforcement at a location is certainly helpful, but what do you do if you have many locations that are all in need of enforcement? Determining how to prioritize the various locations that need it is the job of the Enforcement Scheduler.


The Enforcement Scheduler allows you to create a searchable database of all the locations in need of enforcement so you can quickly and easy determine the best deployment of personnel. You can also attach data files to these records which allows you to compare speed data both before and after enforcement is done to see how effective it has been.

Evaluate Enforcement Effectiveness


Once you've done enforcement at a location, you can collect additional data at that site and do a before and after comparison study. This gives you a way to measure how effective the enforcement was in reducing speeding.


The Enforcement Effectiveness Evaluator emphasizes any change for the better that resulted from your enforcement efforts. This report makes for an excellent follow up for those who requested the enforcement detail.

Radar Recorder Kit - with TRAXPro Software and Laptop

Everything you need to get started right away. Comes complete with the JAMAR Radar Recorder, mounting kit, two batteries, battery charger, user's manual and laptop computer with TRAXPro software pre-installed.




Used by Police Departments across the United States