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The TRAX Apollyon provides features and capabilities that are unmatched by any other tube style traffic counter on the market.


The Apollyon has a processing speed twice as fast as any other TRAX before it, built-in USB ports (for both direct computer download and in-field memory stick download), on-board tube testing capability, high capacity internal batteries (that do not require charging), a compact size that (weighs less than 3 pounds), and a water tight design.


Using our new STARnext Software, data collected with the TRAX Apollyon can be analyzed for Volume, Classification, Speed, Gap, and more.

Let our experience work for you.

Our sales/support staff has decades of experience in all aspects of traffic data collection.


Retrieve data while collecting

     Store up to 150 different studies

          Four Line LCD Display

               Real Time & Date Clock

                    Long Life Lithium Batteries

                         Uploads Firmware Changes

                              USB Port for Computer Download

                                   USB Port for Flash Drive

                              Collects automotive traffic

                         Unmatched Time Stamp Resolution

                    2 Road Tube Inputs

               Data for volume, class, speed & more

          Lightweight (3 lbs) Design

     Watertight Pelican Case

Membrane Keypad



Axle time stamping gives you the most flexibility in how you can analyze your data. It provides extensive data reporting options and unparalleled troubleshooting options.


With the TRAX Apollyon time-stamped data, you can change things like the layout used, the tube spacing used and several options after the data has been collected, reducing the need for recounting.

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The Pelican case uses a water tight seal, the individually sealed air switches are designed to prevent water from entering, the faceplate uses a membrane keypad with a sealed display and input keys.
The case and batteries used by the TRAX Apollyon provide this counter with a super light weight (3 lbs.).



Many road tube traffic counters use batteries that require constant monitoring to make sure they are fully charged.  One of the great features of the TRAX Apollyon is its elimination of this time consuming process.  The low power design of the TRAX Apollyon allows it to run off of long life lithium batteries that don't require charging or monitoring and will last for years.



Reduce errors and simplify installation. With the TRAX Apollyon you can collect data using a 2 foot spacing with standard road tubes or an incredible 4 inch spacing if using the EZ Belt.  The EZ Belt eliminates the need to measure tube spacing.  Since the two tubes are manufactured at a set distance apart, there is no need to measure in the field.


The Apollyon records data with a time stamp resolution of 0.031ms, making it the fastest recorder of its kind in the world. This speed provides greater data accuracy when using small distances between road tubes.


X’ = Poor, ‘-’ = Fair, ‘G’ = Good, ‘!’ = Excellent

Few things are more frustrating than spending time and money to do a traffic study only to find out later the data is no good because of a road tube problem. With a TRAX Apollyon, you can greatly reduce this possibility.  The TRAX Apollyon uses advanced algorithms to analyze the strength of an air pulse from road tubes, then display this for you to review.


With the TRAX Apollyon, you can update its firmware with the same ease as updating software – simply download the latest firmware version from our website then, using the STARnext software, upload the new firmware into the Apollyon. You can now do in minutes what used to take days or weeks to accomplish. No shipping, no downtime, no hassle.

USB Downloading

In addition to the USB cable download port, the TRAX Apollyon also has a USB port for memory stick download.  Simply plug a flash drive into the TRAX Apollyon and you are ready to walk away with your data in seconds.


The first TRAX data recorder was released by JAMAR in 1997 and for more than 20 years refinements and improvements have been made to the product line. The TRAX Apollyon is the 6th generation of the TRAX model and reflects the constant thought and care put into keeping the TRAX line on the cutting edge of design. If you have an older generation TRAX, we provide trade-in value to allow you to upgrade to the newest technology.


User Interface
User Interface

Fully Programmable in the Field


Available with 2 Inputs (Standard) and 4 Inputs (Plus II)

Tube Tester
Tube Tester

Built in Axle Hit Confirmation

JAMAR Air Switches
JAMAR Air Switches

Sealed, Replaceable Air Switches


USB Cable and Memory Stick Download

Key Pad
Key Pad

Soft Touch, Water Resistant Buttons

Advanced Circuitry
Advanced Circuitry

Unmatched Components and Reliability

Pelican Brand Case
Pelican Brand Case

Ultra Light Weight

Easy in the Field
Easy in the Field

Grab and Go Design


Our sales/support staff has decades of experience in all aspects of traffic data collection.

Call for Support: 800-776-0940