Introduced in 2015, the TRAX Apollyon (say it A-Polly-On) GPS is the newest model in the TRAX line of automatic traffic data recorders. This recorder offers the most comprehensive set of features, options and capabilities of any road tube counter in the world today.


The Apollyon GPS has unmatched processing speed, Built-in GPS receiver for storing count coordinates, built-in USB ports for both direct computer download and in-field flash memory download, on-board tube testing capability, high capacity internal batteries that don’t require charging or changing, a compact size that weighs less than 3 pounds, and a water tight design. These combined features make it the most accurate, yet easiest to use, traffic data recorder available.


Data collected with the TRAX Apollyon GPS can be analyzed in a variety of ways (volume, classification, speed, gap, etc.) using our powerful TRAXPro Software.


TRAX Apollyon GPS

The TRAX Apollyon GPS offers the most complete set of features, options and capabilities of any road tube counter in the world today.

-Built-in GPS Receiver

-Unmatched Time Stamp Resolution

-2 or 4 Road Tube Inputs

-EZ Belt Compatible

-Data for volume, class, speed & more

-Lightweight (3 lbs) Design

-Watertight Pelican Case

-8 MB Memory

-Membrane Keypad

-Retrieve data while collecting

-Store up to 150 different studies

-Four Line LCD Display

-Real Time & Date Clock

-Long Life Lithium Batteries

-Uploads Firmware Changes

-USB Port for Computer Download

-USB Port for Flash Drive

-And More

Features of the TRAX Apollyon GPS

Used By

-State DOTs

-Planning Commissions

-Public Works

-Police Departments


-Municipal Agencies

-Engineering Firms

The Power of Time-Stamped Data

The single most powerful feature of any road tube traffic recorder is the ability to time stamp axles.  Why?

Because axle time stamping gives you the most flexibility in how you can analyze your data. It provides extensive data reporting options and unparalleled troubleshooting options.  With many traffic counters, if you set something up wrong the data collected is not usable and there isn't anything you can do but spend time and money on a costly recount.  However, with the TRAX Apollyon GPS' time-stamped data you can change things like the layout used, the tube spacing used and several others after the data has been collected, reducing the need for recounting.

Lightweight, Water Tight Design

Several new features of the TRAX Apollyon GPS make it more resistant to water damage than any previous TRAX recorder.

To start, the Pelican case uses a water tight seal. In addition, the individually sealed air switches are designed to prevent water from entering, while the faceplate uses a membrane keypad with a sealed display and input keys that eliminate the possibility of water entering the unit through these points if the lid is opened in the rain.

The Pelican case and lightweight lithium batteries used by the Apollyon make it the lightest of any TRAX counter every made. In fact, the TRAX Apollyon GPS' weight (3 lbs.) is significantly less than many other road tube counters.

Built-In GPS Receiver

One of the difficulties of collecting traffic data with a portable device is making sure you are collecting data in the right place.

The TRAX Apollyon GPS provides a unique solution to this by having a GPS receiver built right in to the device.

The GPS receiver will download the count’ location coordinates to memory when the data collection is started. It will then re-download the coordinates throughout the span of the count. Once the data collection is finished and the count downloaded to TRAXPro, the software analyzes the coordinates throughout the count. It verifies whether the counter has been moved and provides a master latitude and longitude for the count.

Save Time and Money with Built-in Sensor Diagnostics

Few things are more frustrating than spending time and money to do a traffic study only to find out later the data is no good because of a road tube problem. With a TRAX Apollyon GPS, you can greatly reduce this possibility.

The TRAX Apollyon GPS uses advanced algorithms to analyze the strength of an air pulse from road tubes, then display this for you to review.

Pulse levels are broken down into 4 categories: ‘X’ for Poor, ‘-’ for Fair, ‘G’ for Good and ‘!’ for Excellent. In the example shown here, the pulse strength is excellent for the A, B and D tubes, but the strength for the C tube is poor, indicating that the tube should be checked, and possibly replaced.

With this information you can diagnose situations where a tube may be good enough to record data for a few hours, but will fail long before the study is complete.

No Battery Charging or Changing Required

When you use a piece of equipment for a job, one of the key considerations always has to be how much time you spend maintaining that piece of equipment.  Many road tube traffic counters use batteries that require constant monitoring to make sure they are fully charged.  One of the great features of the TRAX Apollyon GPS is its elimination of this time consuming process.  The low power design of the TRAX Apollyon GPS allows it to run off of long life lithium batteries that don't require charging or monitoring and will last for years.

USB Downloading

One of the most convenient new features of the TRAX Apollyon GPS is the addition of a USB port for use in downloading your data. Most older traffic counters use a serial port for downloading data, but many new computers no longer come with a serial port for you to connect to. This usually requires you to use an extra adapter to create a port on the computer that you can use. The USB connection of the Apollyon allows you to bypass this issue, by allowing you to connect to any of your computer’s USB ports. And, since the USB port uses a standard format, any USB cable you use to connect to a peripheral device (printer, scanner, etc.) can be used to download the TRAX Apollyon.

In addition to the download port, the Apollyon also has a USB port for flash memory, so now you don't even need to bring the counter back to the office to get your data. Simply plug any standard flash drive into the Apollyon's port and you are ready to walk away with your data in second.

Reduce Errors & Simplify Installation

Many traffic counters require two tubes spaced at least eight feet apart to record accurate data for speed, class or gap. With the TRAX Apollyon GPS you can collect this data using a tube spacing of only 2 feet if using standard road tubes, or an incredible 4 inches if using the EZ Belt.

The EZ Belt is a revolutionary new form of road tube that eliminates the need to measure tube spacing in the field.

The belt consists of two pneumatic tubes connected together at a 4 inch spacing by a thin layer of rubber. Since the two tubes are manufactured at a set distance apart, there is no need for you to do any measuring while in the field. When connected to a TRAX Apollyon recorder, you can record highly accurate data.

7th Generation Design

The first TRAX data recorder was released by JAMAR in 1997 and for almost 20 years refinements and improvements have been made to the product line. The TRAX Apollyon GPS is the 7th generation of the TRAX model and reflects the constant thought and care put into keeping the TRAX line on the cutting edge of design. If you have an older generation TRAX, we provide trade-in value to allow you to upgrade to the newest technology.

TRAX Apollyon GPS- 2 Road Tube Inputs

Includes the TRAX Apollyon GPS Recorder (2 Road Tube Inputs), two locks, chain and manual.


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TRAX Apollyon GPS- 4 Road Tube Inputs

Includes the TRAX Apollyon GPS Recorder (4 Road Tube Inputs), two locks, chain and manual.


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