The TRAX Apollyon Plus II tube counter is the counter for all situations.  The counter contains a combination of hardware and software modifications that make it possible to collect data for bicycle traffic, vehicle traffic and mixed use traffic.


Accurately collect in a variety of scenarios; bikes trails, dedicated bike lanes, dedicated vehicle lanes or mixed use lanes (bicycle and vehicle traffic together).  Get a full FHWA classification breakdown, with an added column for bicycle data (see below).


The Apollyon Plus II also contains a built-in GPS receiver for storing count coordinates.

Data collected with the Apollyon Plus II can be analyzed in a variety of ways (volume, classification, speed, gap, etc.) using our powerful STARnext Software.

Let our decades of experience work for you. Our sales/support staff has decades of experience in all aspects of traffic data collection.


-Collects bicycle & automotive traffic

-Built-in GPS Receiver

-Unmatched Time Stamp Resolution

-4 Road Tube Inputs

-Data for volume, class, speed & more

-Lightweight (3 lbs) Design

-Watertight Pelican Case

-Membrane Keypad

-Retrieve data while collecting

-Store up to 150 different studies

-Four Line LCD Display

-Real Time & Date Clock

-Long Life Lithium Batteries

-Uploads Firmware Changes

-USB Port for Computer Download

-USB Port for Flash Drive