TRAXPro is data analysis & reporting software for TRAX Recorders and Radar Recorders.


Since its introduction in 2001, TRAXPro has become an industry standard for the processing of data from automatic traffic recorders. It has come to be relied on by thousands of users who appreciate its powerful capabilities, stability and user friendly design.


Over the years, TRAXPro has seen constant improvement as new features and capabilities have been added. The current program is the culmination of years of research into the needs of people who want to be able to analyze traffic data in an easy manner, without sacrificing powerful capabilities.


Used for analyzing data collected with both TRAX and RADAR automatic traffic recorders, this program combines unprecedented ease of use with unparalleled flexibility to provide the most powerful traffic data analysis program available.


With TRAXPro, you can easily download data you have collected, process the data, create an Excel-compatible table of every individual vehicle's data in a study, view a spreadsheet of your results and produce professional-quality, comprehensive reports - all in a matter of minutes.

"Compared to the other competitors on the market, TRAXPro was great. Its ability to produce extensive and easy to read reports made the fact that it was very user friendly hard to believe. Other software is either too simple and does not produce the kind of reports needed, or is too cumbersome and takes lots of time to learn. Within a few minutes I had very professional reports printed." - Satisfied TRAXPro User

-Downloads TRAX Recorders

-Downloads the Radar Recorder

-Produces Extensive Reports

-Familiar Windows-style Design

-Multiple Export Options

-Full Technical Support

-And More

Minimum Computer Requirements

-Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8

-Pentium II or higher processor

-128 MB RAM or higher

-800 x 600 resolution, 256 colors

-Mouse or other pointing device

-20 MB of free space on hard drive

Save Reports in Electronic Format

You are not limited to just printed reports. They can also be created in Acrobat PDF or Rich Text RTF or ASCII text format for easy electronic transfer by e-mail or on the Internet.

Features of TRAXPro Software

Download Data from TRAX and Radar Recorders

Easy point & click selections from TRAXPro's toolbar icons make functions like downloading data easy to do.  Once you have setup the download screen with the settings desired, simply hook up your counter or module and start downloading, at speeds up to 115200 bps.

Retrieve Files

TRAXPro allows fast, easy retrieval of files from local drives or network drives. The open screen can also be customized to show specific information related to the files, including location information, GPS data, and a variety of other statistics.

Multiple Import and Export Options

TRAXPro is fully compatible with the older TAS for Windows and TAS Plus DOS data files. It also has the ability to import several file formats, including the PRN format, and the ability to export into several formats, including Excel, ASCII text and PRN.

Data Presented in Familiar Spreadsheet Style for Easy Editing

Examine and edit your data before printing. The familiar spreadsheet style the data is presented in makes manual editing easy.  You can factor the data, as well as edit header information such as count location, site code and start date and time for your studies.

Open Multiple Files at the Same Time

The program allows you to have multiple files open on the screen at the same time, in a variety of formats. With this feature, you can compare data collected recently with older files, or compare different types of data.

Easily Move Data to Other Applications Using Copy and Paste

TRAXpro supports the standard Cut, Copy and Paste commands, which allows you to quickly move data from one file to another or to any other Windows program that also supports standard copy and paste functions.

Data Integrity Graph

View a graph of time stamped data collected in basic mode to quickly determine how accurate the data collection was. One look will show whether there was a problem with a tube, or if the data in a specific channel was not recording correctly.

Color Graphs in 2D or 3D

You are almost unlimited in the types of graphs you can produce from your data. A wide selection of both 2D and 3D graphs can be customized in almost any fashion to provide a visually stunning way of presenting your data.

Create Your Own Reports

One of the most powerful features of TRAXPro is the ability to design your own reports. You can position data columns, totals, averages, percentiles and many other statistics in almost any order. Or, you can choose from one of the many standard report formats that come with the program.

TRAXPro - 1-5 Seat Site License

TRAXPro Installation Flash Drive and Reference Manual. Licensed for up to five users at the same location.

Part #J-7712-K

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