Latest Revisions Made  - February 21, 2019 - Version 2.9.425 (THIS IS NOW OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION)

Below are instructions for downloading and installing the BETA version of TRAXPro.

The file you will be downloading is TRAXPro Beta 2.9.425 This file contains all the installation files needed to install the program.


Follow the steps below to install this file.

1. Click the Download Beta button below and save the zip file to your computer.

2. Unzip the file to a folder on your computer.

3. Once the file is unzipped, double click the TRAXPro Beta 2.9.425 Install.exe file.  Follow the prompts for installation.

4. If you are installing this version over an existing version, use the 'Repair' option during install to update your current version.