TRAX Apollyon Firmware Downloads

To install the new firmware, download the file to your computer, then unzip it. Next, run the TRAXPro software (note that version 2.0 or higher of TRAXPro is required) and go to the Tools menu. Select TRAX Update and click on the Load New Firmware tab. Set the Path to the location where you unzipped the downloaded file and then connect your TRAX to the computer in the same way you would if you were downloading data. Once set, click the Update Firmware button and the process will begin.


Version 1.3.02 - Released Dec. 01, 2010

This version adds a battery voltage reading to the main screen of the Apollyon, modifies the low battery warning message and modifies how the displayed voltage is determined.


Version 1.3.00 - Released June 10, 2010

This version corrects a bug that can occur when downloading files collected in the Volume Only format to a USB Flash drive. It removes the 'New' option of the USB download menu, leaving only the option to download ALL counts in memory.


Version 1.2.00 - Released March 1, 2009

To check the version of firmware in your TRAX, turn the unit on. The firmware version will be displayed at the bottom right of the first screen that appears