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  Traffic Sign Inventory Bundle  

With our traffic sign inventory bundle, you can record traffic activity around road signs and complete your sign inventory tasks efficiently and conveniently. Our bundle includes the RAC Geo II device and RACPro software, making data collection simple and manageable even while you are driving on the road! Our software records accurate data and provides them in a detailed format, complete with a feature to visually place the data onto Google Maps, which can be generated into a report document or exported as an Excel file. View the video below to find out how our traffic sign inventory bundle can assist you with sign inventory. 

Dreading your upcoming


Dreading Sign Inventory

The RAC-GEO-II DMI makes it EASY!...

Collect Sign Data & GPS Coordinates

as you drive...

One CLICK to see your data in

Google Maps...

RACPro Data
RACPro Map

It really is that SIMPLE!


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Happy RAC Geo User
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