Distance Measuring Instruments


Accurate, reliable and easy to operate, our RAC units are the industry standard Distance Measuring Instrument (DMI). These cost-effective units save time and money by allowing personnel to measure distance, accurate up to 1 foot per mile, while driving as fast or slow as necessary.


On-board GPS distance measuring, coordinates and data memory.

No Calibration.  No Installation.  No External Sensor.

RAC Plus I

Highly accurate, vehicle installed, distance measuring.

Use one of our three sensor types to install into vehicle.


Distance sensors read and modify the data coming from your vehicle and send a signal to the DMI telling it when to count distance.

There are currently three types of distance sensors that can be used:


The Modular Distance Sensor is wired between your vehicle's speed sensor and the RAC. It provides 1 foot per mile accuracy and is easier to install than the magnetic sensor. However, it is not compatible with some vehicles.


The Magnetic Distance Sensor uses the oldest technology of all the sensors, but when properly installed, remains the most accurate. While the installation of this sensor is the most intensive of the three sensor types, there are no vehicle compatibility issues.


You plug the AutoLink II into the OBD interface on your vehicle, then plug the AutoLink Pro into your RAC's power port using the provided telephone-style cable. That's it. No getting under the hood, no splicing wires, no tools required.



JAMAR has full-time DMI experts on staff with a combined experience of 40+ years.

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