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To use JAMAR's QuickSupport feature, you will need to speak with a JAMAR support representative.



  • When instructed, download the TeamViewer QuickSupport module using the button below.

  • Once open, the QuickSupport module will provide you with an ID and password.

  • When asked, give that info to your JAMAR representative.

TeamViewer QuickSupport allows your JAMAR representative to view you computer screen and in some cases, with your permission, to control your computer.  If this concept is against your network policies and/or you are not comfortable with this concept, please let your JAMAR representative know before you provide the ID and password. 

After your QuickSupport session ends, your JAMAR representative will verify to you that they no longer have access to your computer.  Access can not be obtained again, unless you provide a new ID and password.


To Download the TeamViewer QuickSupport module, please click the icon below:

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