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Radar Recorder
Traffic Data Collection Using Radar
• Non-Invasive Radar Technology
• Data for Volume, Speed & Length
• Covert 'Black Box' Recording
• Collect continuous data for months
• Computer download & interface
• Powered by rechargable battery
• Easy Installation
• Optional Wireless Bluetooth
• Waterproof Case
• RS-232 Serial Port for Download
• One-Year Warranty
• Free Technical Support
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Radar Recorder
with Installation Kit and Software
Includes the Radar Recorder, installation
kit, Laptop with software for interface and
reporting, and User's Manual.
Easy Data Interface & Retrieval
At any point while data is being collected, you can connect to a laptop (either directly or with
optional Bluetooth wireless) and monitor the recording of vehicles using the TRAXPro
software. TRAXPro can also be used to retrieve and process your data once you have
completed your data collection.
Safe and Easy Installation
The non-invasive radar sensing method allows you to easily install the Radar Recorder and begin collecting in just a
matter of minutes. Since no tubes or loops are used, you never have to be in the road when installing the Radar
Recorder. Simply mount the Radar Recorder to any convenient location and aim it toward the road.

Included with the Radar Recorder is an installation kit comprised of installation bracket and utility tools. This
installation kit gives you everything you need to install the Radar Recorder in the field. Low cost
spare mounting
bracket kits are also available for purchase to simplify installation at locations you count frequently.
Features of the Radar Recorder
"Love the Radar Recorder. It has totally changed my counting program."
- Satisfied User
The new Radar Recorder represents a leap forward in the use of radar for accurate traffic data collection. Equipped with 2nd generation algorithms,
the Radar Recorder accurately records up to two lanes of bi-directional traffic data without personnel ever having to go into the road.

There are no road tubes or loops required with this device - simply mount the unit at a convenient location, aim it at the road and you'll begin
collecting highly accurate data in a matter of minutes. The unobtrusive nature of this device means you can covertly record data without drivers
knowing and altering their driving habits.

When you are ready to review your data and produce reports, connect a computer to the unit and download your data using the
TRAXPro software .
The data can then be processed, and reports produced.
Covert 'Black Box' Recording
One of the advantages of the Radar Recorder is that it is all but invisible to drivers. Since there are no road tubes in
the road, and no other obvious signs that data is being collected, you get unbiased data without drivers changing their
driving habits and skewing the results.
Comprehensive Reports
Data from the Radar Recorder can be processed with our powerful TRAXPro software. TRAXPro has been designed
specifically to be easy to use, while still providing powerful data analysis functions. The program allows you to create
your own report formats and produce color graphs in 2 or 3 dimensions. Finished reports can also be saved in Acrobat
PDF or Rich Text RTF format for easy electronic transfer.
View Sample Reports...
Highly Accurate Data Collection
The Radar Recorder offers significant improvements over previous models of these types of data collectors. The most important of these is the 2nd
generation processing algorithm, which provides highly accurate speed information. The speeds of recorded vehicles are accurate to +/- 1 Mph.

A sophisticated and powerful platoon splitting algorithm makes the Radar Recorder also an extremely accurate counting device. A properly installed
Radar Recorder being used to record a busy two lane bi-directional road will accurately record more than 98 percent of vehicles for the near lane and
more than 96 percent for the far lane. This makes the Radar Recorder a highly reliable tool for getting accurate data on both sides of a two-lane road
with traffic volumes of up to approximately 12,000 vehicles.

Data comparison was done against a TRAX Flex road tube recorder, with the results showing
that the Radar Recorder compares extremely favorably with the TRAX Flex.
More details...  
Sensor: Microwave 24.2 GHz,
power output 5 Mw
Speed Range: 8-130 Mph
Radar Range: Up to 100 Feet
Setup Range: Up to 80 Feet
Operating Temperature: -40°F to 158°F
Weight (1 Battery Installed): 14 lbs.
Weight (2 Batteries Installed): 19 lbs.
Approx. Accuracy: Near Lane > 98%
Approx. Accuracy: Far Lane > 96%
Installation Height: Up to 80 feet
Memory Size: 4 MB (500,000 vehicles)
Battery Life (1 Installed): 7 Days
Battery Life (2 Installed): 14 Days
Battery Life (with solar panel): 6 months+
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Radar Recorder covertly collecting accurate data with drivers unaware
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Sample Reports
Ideal for Portable or Permanent Station Use
The compact design of the Radar Recorder makes it easy to take it from one location to another, if you need to record
data at multiple sites. However, it can also be used at permanent stations to provide continuous counting coverage
throughout the year. By using the Solar Panel option, you can record data for months at a time, without having to
replace and recharge batteries. The recorder's 4 MB internal memory can store weeks or months of data before
needing to be downloaded.
More details on the optional solar panel...
Radar Recorder with optional Solar Panel

• State DOTs
• Planning Commissions
• Public Works
• Police Departments
• Universities     
• Municipal Agencies
• Engineering Firms

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