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Non-Motorized and Bicycle Counters

With the non-motorized and bicycle counters that we have to offer, you can accurately record traffic from bicycles and non-motorized vehicles such as skateboards and other methods of transportation that may be commonly used in bike lanes and paths. We offer the TRAX Pinnacle, which is a tube traffic counter that works well as a bicycle counter. We also offer the TDC-Ultra, a manual-style counter that features a video mode and can track various details of bicyclists such as gender, if they’re wearing protective gear, etc. Find more detailed information on these devices by clicking “MORE INFO” on the product you are interested in. 

Contact us for more information about our bicycle counters. 


Count bicycles with a tube style counter.  Collect on bike paths, dedicated bike lanes and bike lanes with vehicle traffic.


TDC-ULTRA w/ Video Mode

Count bicycles with a manual style counter.  Break down data into various details such as male/female, helmet/no helmet, etc.

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