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How It Works

All vehicles since 1996 have been made with an On Board Diagnostic (OBD) plug that provides detailed information about the inner working of the vehicle. This plug, usually located within a foot or two of the steering wheel, allows a variety of devices to monitor the status of the vehicle while it is running.

By connecting to this plug, the AutoLink Pro sensor is able to determine when the vehicle is moving and send that information to the RAC distance measuring instrument, allowing it to keep track of the distance you have traveled as you drive.

Installs in 30 Seconds - No Tools Required

You plug the AutoLink Pro into the OBD interface on your vehicle, then plug the AutoLink Pro into your RAC's power port using the provided telephone-style cable. That's it. No getting under the hood, no splicing wires, no tools required.


How accurate is it?

Under ideal conditions, the AutoLink Pro is accurate to 1 foot within one thousand feet.

What are its limitations?

The vehicle's OBD signal is generally not available at speeds below 1 mph. If you will be travelling at a speed below 1 mph, or will have frequent starts and stops over a long course length, we don't recommend using the AutoLink Pro. In these cases, the Modular or Magnetic Sensor would better suit your needs. The AutoLink Pro is also not recommended for use with any brand of DMI other than JAMAR's RAC, and is not recommended for any pre-2006 vehicles.

How is the AutoLink Pro different than the original AutoLink?

The original AutoLink would draw power from the vehicle's battery even if the RAC was turned off, which meant it had to be disconnected from the OBD port when not in use. The AutoLink Pro senses when the RAC is turned on and off and turns itself on and off as needed. It does not have to be disconnected from the OBD port when not in use.

Protected by US Patent Number 8,447,464

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