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Firmware Download for TE II RADAR RECORDER



Download, save and unzip the firmware hex file to your computer. The firmware version you are downloading is version 1.2.14. The file name is "TE2 Firmware".

Using a USB cable, connect the TE II Radar to your computer. Firmware can only be updated using a hard wire connection, not wireless Bluetooth.

In STARnext, click the Setup button on the Quick Start screen.


Next, select the TE II Radar.

Next, click the "Update Firmware" button.

Next, click the "Select HEX File" button.

Next, select the hex file you downloaded and unzipped from the button at the top of this page.

Next, click the "Connect and Update" button

STARnext will then connect to the radar and start the firmware update process.

You will get this message once the process has completed successfully. Note you may need to power the radar off and back on for it to be able to connect to STARnext again.

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