How It Works

The Magnetic Distance Sensor, when properly installed, remains the most accurate distance sensor in the world. This sensor is mainly used with vehicles that are not compatible with the modular sensor but still require extremely accurate measurements at any speed.


The installation of the magnetic sensor is the most intensive of the three sensors sold by JAMAR.


Please note that the Magnetic Sensor requires a specific installation kit and will not work with the installation kit used for other sensors.

Magnetic Distance Sensor with Vehicle Installation Kit

Includes magnetic distance sensor and all cables needed to install it in vehicle. Works with RAC-100, RAC-200, and all RAC Plus distance measuring instruments, as well as other brands.


Price : $252.00

Magnetic Distance Sensor Only

Vehicle Installation Kit not included. Typically ordered when vehicle installation wiring is already in place and just sensor is being replaced.

Part #: RAC-MAG

Price : $205.00

Vehicle Installation Kit Only - For Magnetic Sensor

Magnetic Sensor not included. Typically ordered when an existing magnetic distance sensor is being installed in a new vehicle. For use only with a Magnetic Distance Sensor.

Part #: RAC-VK-K

Price : $62.00