50 Foot Precision Cut Mini Tube (.187" ID x .365" OD) - Select Single or Box


In order for a TRAX data recorder to properly record data for speed or classification, the road tubes used must be the correct length. In fact, one of the most common causes of bad data are tubes that are mismatched in length. The new Precision Cut Road Tube Pairs, available exclusively from JAMAR, help address this problem.  The Precision Cut Tube are manufactured as two exactly matching pairs, already cut to the size you need. Simply peel apart the two tubes and you’re ready to install. There is no cutting required, so you needn’t worry about ending up with mismatched pairs, and the per foot cost is almost the same as a standard 100 foot mini road tube.

The Precision Cut Pairs come in 50 foot lengths.

Single Pair or Box?