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The RAC-Plus-I DMI is the standard in vehicle installed distance measuring instruments.  It brings the accuracy, reliability and productivity of using a vehicle installed distance measuring instrument within the reach of everyone.

Accurate up to 1 foot per mile!

All distance and speed information can be read directly from the RAC Plus I's display - no software is required to view your data.

Let our decades of DMI development experience work for you.  Along with our knowledgeable sales/support staff,  JAMAR also maintains two full-time DMI experts on staff (with a combined experience of 40+ years).  


  • Shallow Case Design

Light weight, high-impact ABS plastic case (7.8"W x 2.3"H x1.2"D) allows you to mount the DMI to the front of the dashboard or virtually anywhere inside the vehicle.


  • Dual LED Displays

Dual 6-digit LED Displays are easy to read at any angle both day & night. The dual displays separate distance data from speed, calibration number, vehicle number, time and menu selections.


  • Four Brightness Levels

Select the level best suited for ambient light conditions.


  • Menu Driven

Simplifies user selection for various operational capabilities.


  • Automatic Calibration

Allows quick, simple calibration on all vehicles. Stores four separate vehicle calibration numbers for multi-vehicle usage.


  • Extremely Accurate

Distance measurements accurate to 1 foot per mile, even at slow speeds.

  • Change Distance

Pre-Distance if starting at a known point, count up/down or add/subtract distance from current display.


  • Count & Display Hold

Freeze the display while continuing to accumulate distance with Display Hold or stop accumulation of distance with Count Hold.


  • Interval Distance

Display distance intervals between points of interest (Telephone Poles, Signs, Pavement, Markings, etc.)


  • Distance Conversion

With a simple push of the Unit key, convert distance from Feet to Miles to Kilometers.


  • Distance Pulse Output

Send calibrated distance pulses to a lap top computer or ancillary equipment. The interval and duration of the output signal are user selectable from keyboard.


  • Dependable

A power-on self test (POST) is performed each time the DMI is turned on. As part of the POST, the calibration number is displayed for your verification.


JAMAR has full-time DMI experts on staff with a combined experience of 40+ years.

Call for DMI Support: 800-776-0940

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