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STARnext Download

STARnext is JAMAR's next generation software for JAMAR Tube Counters and Radar Recorders.

Version (Official Release) - Released October 4, 2023

Below are instructions for downloading and installing STARnext.

This file contains all the installation files needed to install the program.

Follow the steps below to install this file.

1. Click the Download button below and save the file to your computer.

2. Once the file is downloaded, double click the installer.  Follow the prompts for installation.

Program Changes - Update Released October 4, 2023

Improvements to connection and download speed over BLE with the Black Cat II Plus

Improvements to the Law Enforcement II Radar firmware update process

Improvements to the Traffic Engineering II Radar firmware update process

Improvements to processing of Volume Only counts

Improvements to bicycle and motorcycle detection in tube counts

Selecting a Black Cat II Plus, LE II or TE II BLE connection now automatically selects the corresponding connection type

When creating a binned count, the scheme name now shows how many bins it has

Pulses filtered out by the Dead Time are now colored black on the Plot Pulses screen

Corrected issues where Per Vehicle Filters could cause an Excel export to be improperly formatted

Corrected issue when toggling Percentiles on/off if Lanes were excluded from Binned data

Corrected issue that could cause an unverified length dataset to not have any reports available

Corrected issue where Pace Speeds on a Stat Print could be off by a couple MPH

Corrected issue where the Stat Print could 1 less day than it should

Corrected issue with Clear and Rest not working with Gen1 Radars

Corrected rare case where a Gen1 unit could unintentionally store speeds as KPH instead of MPH

Corrected issue causing the Speed Data Analysis report to erroneously state that the report end must be before the end of the data

Corrected issue that could occur when reprocessing data with an L3 layout

Corrected issue that could cause incorrect data to be displayed on a Stat Print if a custom date range was selected

Corrected issue caused by toggling the Show Decimal Place checkbox on the Percentiles screen

Corrected issue that could cause GPS coordinates collected in Hawaii to display incorrectly

Corrected issue where the time shown between tube pulses on the Plot Pulses screen could be incorrect - Update Released December 19, 2022

Improved WebView2 installation process

Corrected issue with Speed Percentiles not displaying properly

Corrected issue when printing a single lane speed report

Corrected issue with the Show Only Center Point option not working on the Mapping screen

Corrected issue inconsistency the GPS Coordinate Converter

Corrected issue where Environmental Data could get duplicated when opening multiple files at once

Corrected issue causing the Speed Data Analysis report to sometimes excluded data at the start or end of the dataset

Corrected issue with the Show Decimal Place option on the Percentiles screen to work with all lanes

Corrected issue where Volume-Only datasets could display no data

Corrected issues that could occur when changing the output channels of per vehicle data

Corrected issue where the Basic Process Troubleshooting button could be displayed for non-basic data

Corrected issue where users weren't always prompted to reprocess their data when changing tube layouts

Corrected issue causing "Axle Per Vehicle" options to be displayed for Radar counts - Update Released September 26, 2022

Implemented WebView2 control for mapping features

Corrected "Index out of bounds" error that could occur when creating or printing a new file

Corrected issue in the Volume and Binned Report Designers where test data wouldn't always be generated

Corrected "Object Reference" error in certain circumstances when saving an SNJ as a TF2

QAD Files can now be mapped from the Open File screen

Corrected problem with long file names causing columns on the Merge screen to get cut off

Corrected error that could occur when processing Binned counts

Corrected problem with Longitude not being correct on Excel and CSV exports

Corrected problem caused related to Daylight saving and the Yukon territory in Canada - Update Released August 01, 2022

Corrected problem where LiveView was not displaying vehicles when connected to LE II or TE II Radar using Bluetooth

Modified ASCII export to address several incompatibilities with "Make Compatible with TRAXPro" option 
Modified View Logs form
Corrected problem where QAD files could not be opened from the File Open screen
Corrected problem with Setup screen for LEII and TEII not closing properly if no entries were listed in Com Ports or Bluetooth  
Corrected problem with saving site templates for LE II and TE II Radars
Corrected problem with GIS info on Home tab on properly displaying if site was verified - Update Released July 12, 2022

Added support for Law Enforcement II Radar
Added support for Traffic Engineering II Radar
Added ability to install TRAX and Black Cat USB Drivers during install
Added ability to select Axle Time Stamps from a specified timeframe and export them to a new SNJ file
Modified options for copying data from Calculate Peaks screen
Modified Calculate Peaks screen to follow time style set in Preferences
Modified ADT screen to allow for calculations with less than 24 hours of data
Modified ADT screen to automatically recalculate if Start or End times are changed
Modified Radar Setup and Download screens to better handle Windows 7 OS
Modified Print Preview to show proper amount of data if Start or End times are adjusted
Corrected problem with Windows 7 OS causing unhandled exceptions due to Windows 7 not having Bluetooth Low Energy support
Corrected problem where clearing Gen 1, Gen 2, TE and LE radars was not working properly
Corrected problem with processing dmp file from TRAX I Counter
Corrected problem where ADT values were not updating when applying correction factors on print preview - Update Released March 02, 2022

Corrected problem with Google Maps not loading properly on Verify Location screen - Update Released January 26, 2022

Discontinued support for 32-bit operating system installation

Added support for Black Cat II Plus Radar
Added option in Preferences for speed percentiles to be rounded to the nearest whole number
Modified data processing to maximize amount of recovered data when corruption in file exists
Modified Google Maps messaging
Modified DAT file processing to include model, serial number and firmware on Home tab
Corrected problem where layout number was not being shown correctly for some files
Corrected problem with ADT screen where day selection table was overlapping factor buttons 
Corrected problem with how ADT overlap was being calculated with some files
Corrected problem with processing Volume Only count data from TRAX Pinnacle
Corrected problem where Add a Direction option wasn't always being provided in Binned Tab
Corrected problem where certain files were cause error to be generated by Enforcement Evaluator
Corrected problem in Best Times to Enforce where some values were being improperly set - Update Released October 05, 2021

Added Batch Export for Basic Volume Data Files
Added support for Traffic Engineering Radar
Added Overlap option to ADT calculations form
Added option to put merged Per Vehicle data into new lane
Modified ADT calculation form  in several locations
Modified PRN Import to alert user if problem exists in the data
Modified start up to have program better recover from bad configuration file 
Modified Seasonal Correction Factors to allow any date ranges to be used
Modified Police Tabular Reports so decimal values are interpreted correctly
Modified Enforcement Evaluator so decimal values are interpreted correctly
Modified axle time stamp processing to better recover data after corruption
Modified KMZ export to included ADT if selected as an option
Modified dmp file validation to better handle corruption at start of file
Corrected problem where 'Complete Days' selection in the ADT form was not working properly
Corrected problem with downloading TRAX I Plus
Corrected problem that could occur with some files when Adjust for Daylight Savings Time was turned on
Corrected problem that could occur when applying a gap filter to some files - Update Released June 11, 2021

Added support for TRAX Pinnacle road tube counter

Added Basic Process Troubleshooting option to the Per Vehicle tab
Added option to import scripts from TRAXPro
Added new File Open tree control
Added hourly, weekly and monthly file break options to Black Cat setup form
Modified several functions in the Script Editor
Modified positioning of the progress bar for Black Cat firmware updates
Modified several Per Vehicle exports to make start and end time selection clearer 
Modified the order of columns on the Black Cat Radar download form to emphasize important values
Corrected problem with applying a user correction factor to single direction data
Corrected problem where Excel export of binned data report didn't always match report
Corrected error that could occur when ribbon was minimized
Corrected error that could occur when modifying Pace Speed Width in Speed Data Analysis report
Corrected error with Batch Export - Update Released March 15, 2021

Added option in Preferences to not display prompt when data will be unverified.

Modified Length Data Analysis Report to provide Feet and Inches value
Modified Per Vehicle tab to default Length Values to Feet and Inches
Modified Length Data Analysis and Class Data Analysis reports to provide uniform selection for Feet and Inches
Modified PRN Export to default Unclassed option to Class 14
Modified tab order on Enforcement Evaluator form

Modified Bike Threshold value to only convert bikes to motorcycles if speed above threshold

Modified Police Tabular Reports to provide daily totals as well as averages
Modified ASCII export to remove extraneous selection
Corrected problem where length values were not sorting properly in Per Vehicle spreadsheet view
Corrected problem in Police Tabular Reports where changing schemes could result in error.
Corrected problem where error could occur with some files when producing Volume by Speed report in Police Reports
Corrected problem with some files where data could be assigned to wrong lane
Corrected problem with PRN export not formatting properly
Corrected problem with ASCII export not placing unclassified data in correct location
Corrected problem with Excel export not placing unclassified data in correct location
Corrected problem where CTRL+X command wasn't cutting data in binned spreadsheet
Corrected problem with MS2 export not formatting unclassified vehicles correctly

Corrected problem with exporting Class data to Excel when 'Do not include unclassed' was selected 
Corrected error that could occur if the Front and Rear Overhang in class schemes were set to zero
Corrected problem with Convert to Metric selection in Axle Time Stamps were value could be set incorrectly - Update Released January 19, 2021

Corrected problem where report totals were not being calculated correctly - Update Released January 13, 2021

Added Volume by Speed Report option to Police Reports
Added Length Data Analysis Report option to Police Reports
Added several new volume reports
Added ability to use graphics in length schemes
Added Summary Length Class scheme
Added ability to export volume and binned reports to Excel
Corrected problem with some files where generating speed pace data caused an error
Corrected problem where axle time stamp processing could hang in some files
Corrected problem where being off line from My Documents folder would cause error when accessing Preferences
Corrected problem with some files where axle time stamp processing would cause error when using default start time
Corrected problem where some .tf2 files were not getting converted properly if you used Save on File menu or Save on the title bar
Corrected problem where some files were not able to produce gap report without error
Corrected problem where daily correction factors weren't always being assigned to correct day
Corrected problem where program wasn't reporting all the days of data in some dmp files
Corrected problem where the open screen wasn't initially showing files in folders when using reprocess function
Corrected problem where processing multiple files at same time from dmp could cause last count to extend in time further than it should
Corrected problem where some .tf2 files where not being read in correctly
Corrected problem where custom class schemes weren't being properly read from data file
Corrected problem where the AM peak info on reports was sometimes selecting 12 PM
Corrected problem where the 'Bike Speed Threshold' wasn't being applied correctly
Corrected several report layouts to fix Total column issue
Corrected problem with peak hour factors bot being calculated correctly for some files
Corrected problem with data overlapping image on best Time for Enforcement report
Corrected error that could occur with some files when trying to produce Stat Print or Police Data Summary report
Corrected error that could occur when creating class schemes
Corrected problem with PRN export where some files were missing data at the end
Modified several length schemes with feet descriptions for reports
Modified serial number validation to account for leading zeroes
Modified Per Vehicle Excel export to allow channel descriptions in exported data rather than channel numbers
Modified Speed Data Analysis report so that if vehicles values are more than 5 digits they don't get truncated
Modified GeoCounts export to not use overhang when calculating wheelbase
Modified ADT calculation to be reset if Correction Factors have been applied to the data
Modified Print Preview so Correction Factors tab is now functional
Modified scheme 'Modified Scheme F - with Bikes to work with Bike Speed Threshold setting
Modified several settings related to the New York state export
Modified Gap & Following Distance calculations
Modified Class Data Analysis report to properly display metric values
Modified Police Tabular Reports - Update Released October 19, 2020

Corrected error that could occur when processing some TRAX .dmp files
Corrected error that could occur with some files when producing reports from 24 hour interval data
Corrected error that could occur when importing TRAXPro reports using Binned Report Generator
Corrected error that could occur when using Import TRAXPro function in Binned Report Generator and access folder that does not contain TRAXPro RLO files
Corrected problem where vehicles with XX.0 speeds were being placed in greater then XX bin
Corrected several issues related to end times uses in PRN files
Corrected several issues with how Pace values and percents were calculated
Corrected problem with some files where the last interval in a binned data set was missing
Corrected several issues with NYS Export

Corrected problem with matrix reports

Modified Binned Processing to be sure correct amount of intervals are generated
Modified several fields in PRN export
Modified Binned Data processing to make start\end time designation more consistent

Modified Sensor Layout Wizard to fix typo
Modified Binned reports to allow comments fields to be printed without a label

Modified MS2 export to allow file creation even if there is no valid class scheme
Added option to allow for offline authentication
Added option to create secured PDF with password

Added directional indicators to Radar Live View
Added export to CJHV format
Added several new schemes

Added several default reports - Update Released February 18, 2020 - Update Released January 21, 2020 - Update Released December 20, 2019 - Update Released November 12, 2019 - Update Released October 14, 2019 - Update Released September 06, 2019 - Update Released August 21, 2019 - Update Released July 12, 2019 - Update Released June 20, 2019 - Update Released May 23, 2019 - Update Released May 8, 2019 - First Release April 8, 2019

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