STARnext Download

STARnext is JAMAR's next generation software for JAMAR Tube Counters and Radar Recorders.

Use for both new installs and version updates.

Version (Official Release) - Released January 21, 2020

Below are instructions for downloading and installing the current version of STARnext.

The file you will be downloading is STARnext Install This file contains all the installation files needed to install the program.

Follow the steps below to install this file.

1. Click the Download button below and save the zip file to your computer.

2. Unzip the file to a folder on your computer.

3. Once the file is unzipped, double click the STARnext Install file.  Follow the prompts for installation.

Program Changes Update Released January 21, 2020

Corrected error that could occur with some files when generating Stat Print
Corrected error that could occur when importing TRAXPro scheme
Corrected error that could occur in Report Generator after adding Column Total to Report End
Corrected problem where correct number of channel data was not always being shown on Stat Print
Corrected problem with Stat Print where the Average speed value was actually displaying mean value.
Corrected problem on Stat Print where Peak data was not being shown on Daily Summaries.
Corrected problem on Stat Print where Mean, Median & Mode were not properly displayed on some reports
Corrected problem on Start Print where 50th percentile was actually showing 55th percentile
Corrected problem where corrected number of channels were not being displayed with certain tube layouts 
Corrected problem where the AADT value was not displayed properly for individual channels on some reports

Corrected problem with Stat Print where info for 'Vehicles traveling greater than...' was offset by a day.
Corrected error that could occur with some files when accessing the ADT/AADT button
Corrected problem where Preference setting for GPS Coordinate Format was not being properly reflected on reports and Home tab.
Corrected problem with some files where initial GIS info was coming up a zeros.
Modified Stat Print to automatically display speed percentiles

Modified MS2 Export to show unclassified vehicles as class 14 rather than 0
Modified Excel export to change where delimiter is shown
Added option to export Per Vehicle data to MS2 format

Removed AI Count option from Downloads Update Released December 20, 2019 Update Released November 12, 2019 Update Released October 14, 2019 Update Released September 06, 2019 Update Released August 21, 2019 Update Released July 12, 2019 Update Released June 20, 2019 Update Released May 23, 2019 Update Released May 8, 2019 First Release April 8, 2019