Version (BETA) - Released November 11, 2019

Below are instructions for downloading and installing the current beta version of STARnext.

The file you will be downloading is STARnext Install This file contains all the installation files needed to install the program.


Follow the steps below to install this file.

1. Click the Download button below and save the zip file to your computer.

2. Unzip the file to a folder on your computer.

3. Once the file is unzipped, double click the STARnext Install file.  Follow the prompts for installation.

Changes from Current Official Release Version (

Corrected problem where Site Code in Gen1/2 Radar was not being shown properly when connected to Setup screen
Corrected problem where Axle Time Stamp (Basic Data) .TF2 TRAXPro files would not open properly if TRAXPro was not installed on computer
Corrected problem where Station ID field was not being disabled when connected to setup for Gen1\2 Radar

Corrected problem where Radar LiveView would not work immediately after uploading new settings

Corrected problem where page numbering on reports was being formatted correctly
Corrected problem where gap info from Black Cat Radar was not being calculated correctly
Corrected problem where accessing Edit Filters was causing an error with some files
Corrected problem where combined speed percentile info was being reported for individual directions

Corrected error that would occur when saving new seasonal factor table
Corrected error that could occur when saving certain file types as .TF2 extension
Corrected error that could occur when with certain settings when using the NYS Export
Corrected error that could occur when using speed filters with certain files
Corrected problem where 'default' factor tables weren't being retained in Preferences
Corrected problem where some vehicle speeds in Per Vehicle table weren't being sorted properly

Corrected problem where L10 layout data was not being displayed properly
Corrected problem were selecting From and To date/time on the Report Preview screen was not being properly reflected in the report
Corrected problem where volume only layouts were improperly requiring scheme information
Corrected error that could occur if you tried to process files with extermely samll time of data

Modified binned data tab to allow channel\direction description to be edited by double clicking on the data sheet tab
Modified Enforcement Evaluator to have labeling in linear gauge change to reflect if 1st or 99th percentiles are being used
Modified GeoCount export to use .txt extension
Modified GeoCount export to use count start time as part of file name
Modified Per Vehicle export to provide additonal customization options

Modified Site Code field in Gen1/2 Radar setup to validate for only number and 8 characters or less

Modified Home Tab to consolidate header fields on one screen
Modified Gen2 Radar Setup so Site Code is no longer required to be entered
Modified Remote Connections form and fixed issue where the first listing could get overwritten

Modified metric handling so you are not forced to use metric scheme if unit of measure is metric
Modified Per Vehicle ASCII export to allow delimiter selection
Modified Per Vehicle ASCII export with several settings to make more compatible with TRAXPro output
Modified Seasonal Factors to set last day of month properly for each month

Modified Gradient function to provide more consistent function
Modified Speed Data Analysis Report to provide results more consistent with standard reports

Modified Volume reports to automatically wrap lane descriptions if there is room to do so
Modified Binned Dataset Information area on binned tab to display as plain text rather than disabled dropdowns
Modified File > Open screen to remember file type selection
Modified binned tab info to properly update start and end date and time if rows of data were deleted
Added 85th percentile info to Numeric Data on Speed Enforcement Evaluator page
Added ability to Unregister your own computer
Added ability to print ADT info directly from ADT screen

Added four general comment fields that can be saved with file and included with reports

Added option to have Speed Statistics at end of each page of report, not just final totals
Added several default reports with Daily Speed Statisitics
Added option to convert binned speed or class data to volume only