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STARnext Beta Download

STARnext is JAMAR's next generation software for JAMAR Tube Counters and Radar Recorders.

Version (BETA) - Released January 12, 2023

Below are instructions for downloading and installing STARnext.

This file contains all the installation files needed to install the program.

Follow the steps below to install this file.

1. Click the Download button below and save the file to your computer.

2. Once the file is downloaded, double click the installer.  Follow the prompts for installation.

Program Changes

Changes from Current Release(

Improvements to the Law Enforcement II Radar firmware update process

Improvements to the Traffic Engineering II Radar firmware update process

Corrected issues where Per Vehicle Filters could cause an Excel export to be improperly formatted

Corrected issue when toggling Percentiles on/off if Lanes were excluded from Binned data

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