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Frequently Asked Questions

The Found New Hardware Wizard popped up when I connected my TDC Ultra to the computer. What does that mean?

The first time you connect the USB port of the TDC Ultra to a computer, you must install the drivers for it.


Why won't my counter download to the software?

There are several possible reasons why a counter may not download to the software.

       1. If you have not done so already, you must install the USB drivers used for the download.

       2. The baud rate used for the download must be set the same in the Ultra as in the software. To set the baud rate in the Ultra, tab to Dump, then press the DO key. Next, tab to BAUD, press the DO key and select the proper baud rate.

       3. There may be a conflict with how your software is configured. Check the Software Support page for more details on your specific program.


A Real Time Clock Data Error occurs when I turn my unit on. Why?

A Real Time Clock error occurs in a TDC Ultra if there is an interruption in power or if a surge of power occurs. When a real time clock error occurs, the date & time stored in the unit reverts to a default setting.


There are two potential causes of a real time clock error:


1. The internal lithium battery for the unit fails. While the Ultra is turned on, it is powered by four AA batteries. When the unit is turned off, an internal lithium battery maintains power for the real time clock. This lithium battery can last from 5 to 10 years, depending on how often the units are used. (If the units are turned on and used often, the battery will last longer. If the units are left off for extended periods of time, the battery will not last as long.) If this internal battery fails, there is no power to retain the date & time when the unit is turned off.

An easy way to test for this problem is to set the time & date in the unit then turn it off for 1-2 minutes. If the real time clock error occurs when the unit is turned back on, it is an indication that the lithium battery is not providing power and needs to be replaced. In this case, the unit should be sent to JAMAR for service. If the error does not occur, there is most likely not a problem with the lithium battery.


2. A static charge or other electrical charge. Like other electronic devices, the TDC Ultra can be adversely affected by a static electric charge. This problem becomes more prevalent in the cold, dry months of winter. Before handling the units, always be sure to properly ground yourself so that there is not a static discharge that can harm the unit.


Resetting the clock

If a real time clock error occurs, the date and time in the unit should be reset before additional data is collected. To do this, press the TAB key until Utilities is flashing on the main menu then press DO. Next, tab until Time/Date is flashing then press DO. The TAB key is used to scroll between hour, minute, month, day and year. The Change keys (14 & 15) are used to adjust the values. Press DO to set the date and time once it has been entered.


Can I look at the data without downloading to the software?

In most cases, yes. Although designed to download to the PETRAPro software, data can be viewed on the counter itself.


How long do the AA batteries last?

Approximately two months with average use. We recommend keeping a replacement schedule either in the carry case or on the back of the counter and replacing every two months.


How can I keep the Ultra from beeping every time I hit a key?

At the main menu, Tab to Utilities and press DO. Tab to Options and press DO. Select beeper and then select OFF. Even though you chose to turn off the beeper the Ultra will still triple beep at the end of every interval to let you know another interval has passed.


What are the 1, 5, 9 and 13 keys used for?

These are designated as the 'Other' keys can can be used to count anything you want. The most common use is to count pedestrians, bicycles, or other things that could affect traffic.

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