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Note the support topics listed here also apply to earlier models of the TRAX Pinnacle family, including the

TRAX Apollyon, TRAX Apollyon Plus II, TRAX Apollyon GPS, & TRAX Cycles Plus

Frequently Asked Questions


The Found New Hardware Wizard popped up when I connected my TRAX Pinnacle to the computer. What does that mean?

The first time you connect the USB port of the TRAX Pinnacle to a computer, you must install the drivers for it.


Why won't my counter download to the software?

There are several possible reasons why a counter may not download to the software.


1. When you first plug in your Pinnacle you will be prompted to install the driver for the counter.  This must be done prior to the first download, in order for it to work properly.  The full instructions for downloading the TRAX Pinnacle drivers can be found here.


2. There may be a conflict with how your software is configured. 


What is the difference between the format of the data that can be collected with a TRAX Pinnacle?

With the Pinnacle you have the ability to collect Volume Only or Basic data.

Volume Only data can be collected with just one road tube, counting either every axle (Volume Axle) or using the divide-by-two technique (Volume Vehicle).  Divide-by-two means that the recorder will increment one for every two axle hits. It will record a two-axle car as one (1) count while a four-axle truck will be recorded as two (2) counts.

Basic Data stores a time stamp of every axle hit that is recorded during a study. This data can then be used in a variety of ways using the STARnext software.  Basic Data is the most universal of all the counting types that have existed over the years.  From a basic file you can get any of the other data types.

Volume Only data requires the least amount of processing with the software. Basic data provides greater flexibility in working with the data but requires more steps in the software.


How important are the road tubes in collecting good data?

Critically important. If you road tubes are damaged, are setup improperly, or are not the correct length, you will not get accurate data.


How often should the TRAX be tested for accuracy?

At least once a year using a Traffic Counter Tester or other controlled output device.


What do the classes stand for in a standard classification study?

Most classification studies are done using the Federal Highway Administration's Scheme F.

What is the proper way to lock my Pinnacle so that I don't stress & break the lid, and not allow a passerby to open my counter?

The answer depends on if you get the short or long shackles with your counter.

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