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In recent years many state DOTs, city planning departments and Parks and Rec departments have been counting more and more bicycles, as the expansion of the country’s bicycle infrastructure accelerates. Most of this counting is done with pen and paper, by hand.

Now you can collect, process and report that data electronically with the Bicycle Classification count, using JAMAR’s TDC-Ultra data collector. With the Bicycle Classification study you can define your own classification scheme and collect data according to that scheme with the Classification overlay for the TDC-Ultra. That same scheme can be input into PETRAPro and applied to the data after being downloaded.

Having up to 16 classes per bank, and 3 banks available, gives you the ability to classify 48 separate categories. A wide variety of classifications could be assigned, depending on what level of detail you need to collect. Some examples of classifications that could be used include, number of bike, number of pedestrians, male bicyclists, female bicyclists, bikers with helmets, bikers without helmets, etc.

The hand-held TDC-Ultra has been used for years for the purpose of vehicle data collection and as such it has proven its durability and reliability.

The data collected is stored in memory and can be easily downloaded into the PETRAPro software for analysis and reporting. No need to ever transcribe numbers.

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