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RACPro Download

RACPro is data analysis & reporting software for the RAC-GEO-II Distance Measuring Instruments.

Use for both new installs and version updates.

Version 1.2.2 (Official Release) - Released February 22, 2019

Below are instructions for downloading and installing RACPro.

This file contains all the installation files needed to install the program.

Follow the steps below to install this file.

1. Click the Download button below and save the file to your computer.

2. Once the file is downloaded, double click the installer.  Follow the prompts for installation.

File Hash(SHA256): 1C3F4AF9FADF40035607FAF9F94FF9D836EDE66AE986D280A1A1BF42E659FDF7

Program Changes

1.2.2 Build 1004     Released February 22, 2019

Corrected trial warning when producing reports

1.2.2 Build 1003     Released January 15, 2019

Corrected URI error when using embedded icons with Google Maps

Corrected error in Google Earth when icons contained "&" by replacing it with "&" in the KML file 

Modified "Check for Updates" to point to correct location

1.2.1     Released March 29, 2017

Added Google Maps mapping option

Added PNG to supported formats on Scheme Editor form

Added additional default schemes

Added Code Signing Signature to install

Modified scheme printing to include icons

Modified RTF report export to be formatted more clearly

Modified printing process to use new format

Modified Distances column to eliminate extraneous decimal places

Modified startup to alert user if RACPro is unable to copy the embedded icons to the user's temp directory

Modified elapsed time to show as 00:00:00 on first event only instead of first two events

Modified schemes routines to better handle upper or lower case

Modified Report Title editing to make it more stable

Modified Preferences - Survey Settings so clicking Edit button opens selected Scheme

Modified scheme saving to check for existing scheme with same name

Modified Scheme Editor to better fit icons in cell

Modified Define Zero selection to work correctly

Modified Scheme Editor to save directory you last selected an icon from during current session

Corrected error when starting a real time study being caused by old embedded scheme set in the Preferences

Corrected error where inserting an event at the beginning of a study would cause an error

Corrected error where Temp and Scheme Directory links in Preferences weren't working correctly

Corrected error where last event in a scheme wasn't being used

Corrected error where left and right header fields were not printing on reports

Corrected error where embedded icons were not displaying correctly in MapPoint or Google Earth

Corrected error where rental/eval serial numbers were being marked as expired incorrectly

Corrected error with opening a study with a non-embedded scheme set as the default

1.2.0        Released August 01, 2015

 Added support for Real Time Data Collection

 Added sign icons for more than 500 signs

 Added ability to merge more than 2 studies at a time

 Added ability to export multiple files to Access or Excel

 Modified Scheme Editor for better user interface

 Modified 'Clear Tracking Events' to work better

 Modified 'Define '0' Event' dropdown to work properly

 Modified MapPoint window to be resizable

 Corrected error from clicking show/hide tracking if user event had been added

 Corrected error from clicking 'Mark Event' when no event code is entered

 Corrected error from click 'Clear All'

 Corrected error in Excel Export where second to last row was being left out

1.1.2        Released November 04, 2015

 Modified how last 8 files list was tracked

 Modified rental\evaluation serial number handling

 Modified International Date Format handling

 Modified how data files are dispalyed after download

 Modified handling of Event Insertion

 Corrected problem that would occur if GPS format was set to Decimal minutes or Degrees Minutes Seconds

1.1.1        Released December 11, 2013

 Modified Installation to include additional system files

1.1.0        Released November 21, 2013

 Added Mapping for Google Earth

 Added Progress bar for SAVED studies with 5000+ events

 Added ability to Open recent .tmp from the Quick Start screen

 Added ability to modify Interval time

 Added ability to modify Total Distance

 Added Print Setup window when you print a map

 Added code to have .rac files open with RACPro when double-clicked in Windows Explorer

 Added the ability to print without having to preview first.

 Added ability to handle files with more then 32,767 events

 Added "No counts found" message for .tmp files with no counts

 Added ability to select a default mapping program

 Added "No counts found" message when downloading a RAC with no counts

 Added the ability to remove all -9 GPS events

 Added ability to get the distance between pushpins in MapPoint

 Added EVENT NUMBER and EVENT DESCRIPTION to MapPoint pushpin info

 Added option to arrange and/or hide data columns as a Preference

 Modified File handling to speed up showing of GPS tracking

 Modified Elapsed time to allows times over 23:59:59

 Modified location of Serial.prefs from Program Files to ProgramData

 Modified Excel export to now supports more then 5000 rows

 Modified COM ports to detect quicker and automatically refresh when you click the dropdown

 Modified GPS coordinates to display in the same format across all study types("-" for S and W)

 Modified code to allow MapPoint Europe to work properly

 Modified directory labels in Preferences to links

 Modified Open button on the Open screen to easier open .tmp files

 Modified code to allow drag & drop of files into RACPro to open them

 Modified Comments column to expanded to fill the empty space left from studies without any GPS data

 Modified code so if a count doesn't have any -9 GPS events, the "Show GPS Events" checkbox is disabled

 Modified RACPro files to white on the File Open screen

 Modified merge file process

 Modified merged studies so the -9 events are made -91 in one study so you can tell them apart

 Modified Scheme Editor form so it's more user friendly

 Modified code to hide HDOP column

 Modified code so MapPoint pushpin information no longer displays lat/long twice

 Corrected problem with files with over 1000+ GPS events not mapping correctly

 Corrected error when clicking the PDF button on Print Preview

 Corrected crash with counts only containing 1 event

 Corrected bug with opening counts with zero events

 Corrected crashes from data ending prematurely

 Corrected problem where Inserting an event was incrementing the event numbers incorrectly

 Corrected problem where FIX and SATS were blank when ADDING/INSERTING an event causing file corruption

 Corrected "object reference" error when downloading a survey

 Corrected problem where the status bar was not correctly updating when switching between survey windows

 Corrected crash on DOWNLOAD window when no COM ports are available

 Corrected MERGING issue with MapPoint crashing from Longitude values displaying as "- " instead of "-"

1.0.2       Released February 16, 2011

 Corrected problem with printing from 64-bit systems

 Corrected problem with RTF export giving error

 Corrected Scheme printouts to remove extraneous text

 Corrected problem with user being asked to save unmodified files.

 Modified Preferences file to remove unused settings

1.0.1       Released January 26, 2011

 Modified initial permission setting for sample file

 Modified Support for 64-bit operating systems

1.0.0       Initial Release - November 30, 2010

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