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The Black Cat RADAR is the next generation in Radar Recorders, allowing you to accurately collect comprehensive traffic data without having any sensors in the road.


The Black Cat RADAR detects Lane Position of Vehicles, detects 2 Lanes in Same Direction, has a modem option for remote access, stores multiple data files, has a ‘Quick Set’ Configuration Option, provides more accurate vehicle lengths, has a built-in solar power connection and provides 98% Count Accuracy.


When you are ready to review your data and produce reports, connect a computer to the unit and download your data using the STARnext Software.


Detects Two Lanes of Traffic In Same Direction

The new Black Cat II Radar Recorder has the ability to detect the specific lane in which a vehicle is traveling. This allows the Black Cat II to record not only two lanes of bidirectional traffic, but two lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction. This expands the applications where the Black Cat II Radar can be used in place of road tubes or other in-road sensors to now include multi-lane highways.


For example, if you have a divided four lane highway (two lanes in each direction), Black Cat II units can be positioned on each side of the highway and allow you to collect all four lanes of data.

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