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The next generation of

software for traffic analysis and reporting.


JAMAR Technologies is proud to announce the release of STARnext - the next generation of software for traffic analysis and reporting.  STARnext has replaced TRAXPro as the software for use with JAMAR tube and RADAR style traffic data recorders.

Building on the foundation of TRAXPro’s data processing method, we have both improved the accuracy and efficiency of the process as well as enhanced usability to create a new, cutting edge software platform. STARnext provides the many options and features our customers demand, while retaining the user friendliness for which JAMAR has come to be known.


Download Data from TRAX and RADAR Recorders


Easy point & click selections from STARnext's Quick Start menu makes functions like downloading data easy to do.  TRAX road tube counters and JAMAR Radar Recorders can be easily downloaded into the program.

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