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Traffic Engineering II Radar: Traffic Data Collector


The Traffic Engineering II RADAR is a traffic data collector that represents a leap forward in the use of radar for accurate traffic data collection. This device accurately records up to two lanes of bi-directional traffic data without personnel ever having to go into the road. 


There are no road tubes or loops required with this device - simply mount the unit at a convenient location, aim it at the road and you'll begin collecting highly accurate data in a matter of minutes. The unobtrusive nature of this device means you can covertly record data without drivers knowing and altering their driving habits.


When you are ready to review your data and produce reports, connect a computer to the traffic data collector and download your data using the STARnext Software. 


-Non-Invasive Radar Technology

-Data for Volume, Speed & Length

-GPS Location Recorded with Data

-Covert 'Black Box' Recording

-Computer download & interface

-Powered by rechargeable battery

-Easy Installation

-Wireless Bluetooth

-Waterproof Case

-One-Year Warranty

-Free Technical Support

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