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Version 2.9.425 (Official Release) - Released April 09, 2019 - FINAL RELEASE - TRAXPRO HAS BEEN REPLACED BY STARNEXT

Below are instructions for downloading and installing the final version of TRAXPro.

The file you will be downloading is TRAXPro 2.9.425 This file contains all the installation files needed to install the program.


Follow the steps below to install this file.

1. Click the Download button below and save the zip file to your computer.

2. Unzip the file to a folder on your computer.

3. Once the file is unzipped, double click the TRAXPro 2.9.425 Install.exe file.  Follow the prompts for installation.

4. If you are installing this version over an existing version, use the 'Repair' option during install to update your current version.

Program Changes

2.9.425 Release April 09, 2019

Corrected bug that caused some older .TWF files to not process properly
Corrected bug that could cause overflow error on some files when processing basic data
Corrected bug that caused index outside bounds of array when processing Black Cat Radar DAT file
Corrected bug that could cause some files to get stuck in loop when using Advanced Processing
Corrected Excel export of data so the Excel spreadsheet is properly formatted
Corrected bug that could create one or two phantom vehicles at conclusion of count if dmp file had been corrupted
Modified Black Cat setup routine to better retain setup values
Modified NYS export to better handle new header file
Modified data retrieval Process to change how 'My Documents' folder is handled
Modified Excel file export so that GPS info is handled properly
Modified axle time stamp processing to better handle 'bad' data sets

2.9.412 Release June 21, 2018

Corrected Excel export that was missing Interval time options

Modified Basic Data Processing to better handle duplicate tube layouts where too many pulses were being discarded

Corrected Batch Export function where some data was not being fully cleared from one file to the next 

Modified Black Cat Radar Setup to correct values being thrown off when converting from Imperial to Metric

Modified Black Cat Radar data processing to assign reverse direction vehicles to opposite lane

Modified Download dropdown menu to remove stray numbers

Modified Download dropdown menu to add Black Cat Radar

Modified Excel Export of reports to include peak times and totals at the bottom of the reports

Modified Black Cat Radar Setup to set Power Save options as On or Off

Corrected error that could occur on File > Open screen if the screen resolution was very large, like from a 4K monitor

Corrected error in print/preview of speed x length matrix report

Modified basic data algorithm to better handle trucks traveling considerably slower than average speed of other vehicles

Added ability to edit port setting for remote Black Cat connections

Modified Police Enforcement Evaluator to default percentage of violations gauge to 100 percent

Modified classification algorithm to improve accuracy of class 10 detection when using advanced processing

Corrected bug related to certain data sets where Per Vehicle screen would not appear at end of basic data processing

2.9.384 Released April 25, 2017

Added batch Excel Export for Binned Data

Added Code Signing Signature

2.9.379 Released December 14, 2016

Modified GeoCounts export to include key and make it more user-friendly

Modified TDC Interface to enhance Real Time View and Sensor Test View

Corrected problem that could occur when trying to access clipboard

Modified TDC Real Time Interface to read proper values from CMU-L

Modified TDC Real Time Interface to discard invalid data entries

Modified TDC Setup to provide Imperial or Metric switch on Installation Parameters tab

Modified TDC Setup to handle additional Windows Regional Settings

Corrected bug where Bicycle Adjust tab in Per Vehicle screen did not appear automatically if default scheme included bikes

Modified TMG Export

Modified NYS Export to fix issue where data from deleted columns was still being used

Corrected bug related to Stat Print

Corrected NYDOT 4.0.4 export error with Vehicle/Axle code

Modified auto-filling of Site Reference field in NYDOT 4.0.4 export

Corrected issue with negative gaps

Added handling of vehicles with more than 16 axles from TDC devices

Corrected issue with saving GPS data from Apollyon GPS in volume-only mode

Modified inclusion of vehicles with a length of 0 or speed of 0 in per-vehicle data

Corrected the binning of per-vehicle data that includes weights from TDC devices

Modified the Per-Vehicle screen regarding the first and last interval options, making it easier to specify whether to keep or drop partial intervals at either end.

Corrected runtime error when opening Setup for Black Cat loop recorders

2.9.301 Released April 05, 2016

Corrected Error that could occur if trying to process Stud data with more than 32,000 intervals

Corrected Error that would not allow proper processing of single tube layouts

Corrected Error related to Gap Schemes when processing single tube layouts

Corrected Error related to clipboard when trying to access tube layouts

Corrected problem related to splash screen branding

2.9.294 Released March 09, 2016

Added 'Comms Always On' option to TDC Setup

Added Support for TDC Portable Ped & Bike Counter

Modified TDC Interface to change default data path from My Documents to C:\

Modified TDC Interface to better handle missing data

Modified CMU Sensor Layout Setup Options to be more intuitive for user

Modified CMU Sensor Layout to remove class or volumetric selections

Modified TDC Modem Setup screen to be more intuitive for user

Modified PRN import to provide additional options

Modified Black Cat Radar interface to improve usability

Modified USB Flash Drive download to improve reliability

Modified Volume Reports to provide additional date format options

Corrected problem where TDC files were not being listed correctly if there was only one site folder in the directory

Corrected problem where checksum error was occurring during TDC downloads

Corrected problem with 2.9.4 firmware incompatibility with EMU3

Corrected RTE 9 occurring with TRAX Apollyon GPS if only one invalid GPS record was recorded

Corrected problem with data from CMU not loading with correct default class scheme

Corrected problem with some Black Cat Radar downloads producing arithmetic error

Corrected problem with error that occured if Black Cat Station ID was blank

Corrected problem with Excel Export from Black Cat data not exporting all vehicles

Corrected problem where stud would use wrong lane info in some cases

Corrected problem where TDC download was looking at Site Code for Security Code info

2.9.228 Released October 13, 2015

Added 'Advanced Processing' option for L10 layouts

Added Support for Weigh In Motion Data

Added Support for TDC Equipment

Added Support for the Black Cat Radar

Added Support for TRAX Apollyon GPS Location Verification

Added export to Geocounts format

Added export to TMG non-motorized format

Modified 'Advanced Processing' selection to allow changes to unidentified pulse processing options

Modified Black Cat serial connection to conform with firmware changes

Modified Tailgate processing routine to improve accuracy

Modified file handling to reduce possibility of run time error 75 occuring

Modified file handling to compensate for lag caused by anti-virus programs

Modified TimeMark export to provide additional options

Corrected problem where division by zero error could occur when using advanced processing and two time stamps occurred at exact same time

Corrected problem where the percent in pace and percent over limit on binned speed reports was slightly off

Corrected problem in NYS export where 15-minute class data exported as 60 minute volume was not including last interval volumes

Corrected problem in NYS export where PM start times were exporting in AM format

Corrected problem with tailgate processing where stats for trailing vehicle weren't being listed correctly

Corrected problem where Run Time Error 6 would occur with some data in PRN export

Corrected problem where Run Time Error 6 would occur when working with basic file that contained no axle time stamps

Corrected problem were last cell of binned volume counts from Black Cat was coming in as zero

Corrected problem where first interval options for binned Black Cat files weren't being set correctly

Corrected problem where Tools > Reprocess Black Cat Files was not working correctly

Corrected problem where exported PRN matrix data could not be imported

2.9.68 Released August 27, 2014

Corrected problem with Speed Enforcement Evaluator not showing numeric values correctly on report if computer's regional options were set to Dutch

Corrected problem with creating a new group in matrix data causing a run time error 9

Corrected problem with files that originated as binned speed that should have KPH stats using MPH stats

Corrected problem with basic data processing where separated 'tailgating' vehicles were not having their length shown correctly

Corrected problem with Vtel export crashing with long files

Corrected problem with TRAXPro files created from Stud data not starting at correct time

Corrected problem with TRAX Stealth Stud firmware update not working correctly

Corrected problem where error could occur if stud id was entered incorrectly

Corrected problem where the Axle Count screen did not use value entered after decimal in the Axle Adjuster if the computer was set to comma as decimal

Corrected problem where time/date reading of Radar data could be listed incorrectly in some case

Corrected problem where selecting start and end dates in stud data processing was not working correctly

Corrected problem in Black Cat download routine where Stop Active Count did not work correctly

Corrected problem with Scheme Editor not saving changes to bin amount in scheme

Corrected problem with totals column in 60 Min Landscape length report

​Corrected misspelling in Excel export screen

Modified File > Open screen to remember which extension filter was last used

Modified communications to expand com port limit from 16 to 255

Modified communications to provide description of type of com port connection along with port number

Modified VTel export to remember path selected when doing binned export

Modified .net framework compatibility for TRAX Stealth Stud

Modified Stud routine to show the battery voltage to two decimal places

Modified Black CAT routine to give confirmation if data file is deleted

Modified speed statistic calculations to correct for problem with average speed calc in files with large volume in first speed bin

Modified Radar Recorder Setup Screen to make options larger for selection

Added 'All' extension filter to File > Open screen

Added TimeMark JDF Export

Added Headway to options available for export from Per Vehicle database

Added advanced processing option for basic data to provide better accuracy

Added ability to do direct setup of Black Cat

Added 'Modified Scheme F - with Bikes' classification scheme to default schemes to provide bicycle data

Added 4.0.4 format option to NYSDOT export

2.9.0 Released March 15, 2013

Corrected run time error 7 that could occur when processing speed data with start and end times adjusted to specific values

Corrected problem where 'Save As New' option of Scheme editor was not working

Corrected problem where logos were not being used correctly on Speed, class or gap reports

Corrected problem with producing matrix data of Speed across top and class down side

Corrected problem with speed percentiles being reported incorrectly if volumes were extremely low

Corrected problem with Radar LiveView clearing current data in memory

Corrected problem with the margins on some reports not formatting correctly

Corrected problem on speed reports where volume of traffic over limit did not always match volumes listed for bin totals

Corrected problem where Stat Print was not listing Peak start time correctly

Corrected problem with Merge Wizard not merging two 1 channel volume files correctly

Corrected problem with PRN export not allowing multiple direction number for multi-channel volume files

Corrected problem with Max Axle Distance not always being applied correctly

Modified IN DOT PRN export

Modified Tabular Police Reports to allow for selection of including or excluding partial days

Modified Stat Print to use Filters from Per Vehicle screen

Modified Class and Length schemes to support metric decimal values using comma as decimal symbol

Modified USB Flash Drive download to be compatible with additional languages

Modified Matrix options to remove options not available with Radar data

Modified report setup screen to disable Preview button when no reports are available

Added 'Save As' options for TWF and TDF file formats back to program

Added option to access dmp files thru File > Open screen

Added metric option to police reports

Added export option for Municipality of Anchorage

Added version number to title bar

Added additional international markets customization

Added Volume by Speed Report to Police Reports and Stat Print

Added export option for the Puerto Rico Highways & Transportation Authority (PRHTA)

Added ability to download and set up TRAX Stealth Studs

Added additional export option for Per Vehicle Data

Added export to VTEL format

Added 'Copy Last' option in Edit Header to copy over entries from last processed file

Added metric option to export of Per Vehicle Data

Added School Zone setting to Speed Enforcement Evaluator

Added additional support for comma decimal holders

Added Peek ADR Default scheme to class schemes

2.8.5 Released 07/01/11

Added Support for Black CAT counters

Added the ability to setup Radar Recorders

Modified serial number process to automatically fill serial number info for new users if it has already been entered at least once on the computer

Modified some screens to fit lower resolution displays

Modified ADT Calculation screen to provide more accurate results if days with partial data are included

Modified reports to automatically calculate and show ADT if it has not already been calculated

Corrected problem with Police Reports overlapping some info if very long report titles were used

Corrected problem where graphs in Police Reports were not coming out correctly if saved as a PDF

Corrected problem that occurred if computer's regional settings were set to use a comma as the decimal symbol rather than a period

2.6.1 Released 08/11/10

Added Enforcement Scheduler to Police Package

Modified Speed Enforcement Evaluator and Best Times for Enforcement screens

Modified Police Reports to be able to use Per Vehicle Filters

Modified Stat Print to have first bin start at one

2.5.3 Released 04/21/10

Added Quick Start menu

Added Police Report options to Per Vehicle screen

Modified USB Flash Drive download screen to increase usability

Modified direct Radar Recorder download screen to increase usability

Corrected problem with error occuring when exporting Per Vehicle data with more than 65 thousand records

Corrected problem with some serial numbers not being recognized after update

2.4.17 Released 10/20/09

Modified Google Earth function to work with latest release of Google Earth

Modified Radar Recorder downloading to make multiple files easier to see

Modified PRN export to provide additional option

Modified New York State export to allow channel 1 to have a lane other than 1 assigned

Modified reporting to support international date formats by using a modified  version of the Windows short date format on some reports

Modified Radar Recorder download to prompt to save file before displaying per vehicle screen

Modified Per Vehicle screen to allow edits to header

Modified Per Vehicle screen to allow changes to be saved

Corrected problem with OCX misassociation

Corrected error in PRN import function

2.3.4 Released 06/03/09

Corrected problem with some files from Radar Recorder not processing correctly

Corrected problem with some metric values not being interpreted correctly

Corrected problem with USB Flash Drive path not setting correctly

2.2.8 Released 10/14/08

Added ability to export finished reports to Excel format

Added ability to process gap info from Radar data

Added ability to read data from USB Flash Drive

Corrected error with producing Stat Print from Per Vehicle data collected with Radar Recorder

Corrected problem with some Radar data sets causing Run Time Error 9

Corrected problem with some Radar data sets not appearing after download

Corrected problem with scrolling in Plot Data screen not working correctly for some files

Corrected problem with error occurring when processing gap data from basic files with certain layouts

Updated NY State Header file with latest version

Corrected problem with downloading and processing data collected in Per Vehicle mode

Corrected problem with vehicles at the end of time intervals getting rounded into next interval

Corrected problem with error occuring if export two directions of data to Excel when both directions are named the same

2.1.3 Released 03/27/08

Added Preference option to automate rounding of start time to an even boundary when processing from Per Vehicle data

Added support for downloading and processing additional loop layouts

Modified Basic Data screen to move 'Display Vehicle Data' option to the Advanced Tab

Corrected problem with TimeMark import not working correctly

Corrected problem with some files that contained high amounts of stray pulses not processing correctly

Corrected problem with some Radar Recorder files not opening properly due to header format

Corrected problem with some Radar Recorder files not opening properly if there were breaks in the data

Corrected problem with downloading timing issue when using TRAX recorders with older firmware

Corrected minor issues affecting the Plot of the time stamps in Basic Data

Corrected problem with creating .TDF format files

Corrected problem with some Radar Recorder data files not starting at the correct time interval

Corrected problem with the Direction Descriptions not staying saved when saving and reopening in the Per Vehicle format

Corrected problem with opening .DFL TAS DOS format files

2.0.7 Released 01/28/08

Added new .tf2 file format

Added ability to directly download Radar Recorder

Added ability to download Radar Data from PDA

Added ability to include logos in reports

Added ability to process and report environmental data

Added ability to select files to download from counters with newer firmware

Added ability to upload firmware to counters with newer firmware

Added setup screen to allow programming of values in data recorder

Added ability to attach digital pictures to files and reports

Added ability to process data directly from JPDA software

Added tab to view per vehicle table in the Per Vehicle screen

Modified Reprocess Last TRAX Dump to store last 10 downloads

Modified Battery voltage warning for Scanner and Echo units

Modified ADT screen to provide additional options

Modified Speed reports to designate some for Police Departments

Modified class reports to provide reports with truck precentages

Modified volume reports to provide expanded ADT info

Modified basic data processing to allow tube spacing to hundredths of an inch to provide greater accuracy

Modified data processing to have ADT auto-calculated if not done manually

Modified Recorder Details of download screen to provide better info

Changed sample file distributed with the program

Corrected problem with opening TAS basic .trf files

Corrected problem with font changes to comments not working

Corrected problem with DT Override screen not updating changes correctly

Corrected several problems related to Vista operating system

Corrected problem with Support form not e-mailing correctly

Corrected problem with run time error occurring if you tried to open a file from a location that you did not have write access for

Corrected problem with comments font getting set incorrectly with 'evaluation' serial numbers

1.7.1 Released 09/06/06

Removed support for directly downloading ITC counters

Added Merge Wizard

Added Support Request Form

Added Support for on-line mapping with Google Earth and Windows Live Local

Added ability to see serial number of TRAX used to collect data in the Edit Header screen and on the File, Open screen

Added ability to see speed percentile calculations using Tools menu while working with speed file

Added warning message that appears when downloading and processing files if the voltage fell to 6.1 or lower at end of study

Added updated New York State header file

Added ability to drag and drop temporary traxpro.dmp onto traxpro.exe and have it open in the program

Added ability to drag and drop Traxpro file from Windows Explorer window directly into TRAXPro and have the file open

Added Preference option to turn off the Splah Screen

Modified Excel and ASCII export so that the finished file uses start or end times of intervals as designated by Preferences

Modified monthy report so that it always only uses full daya of data

Modified PRN export to add option to create file compatible with Road Reporter format

Corrected problem with L8 layout not processing data correctly

Corrected problem with L13 & L14 layouts not processing data correctly

Corrected problem with location info getting copied over from previously opened file when new file was downloaded

Corrected problem with 60 Minute, Combined Totals, Weekday Average report for 2 channel volume files not working correctly

Corrected problem with date format not coming out correctly for all dates if the TRAX was set to use 'World' format and

computer was set to regional setting with DD/MM/YY format, like English-Canada

Corrected problem with PHF not being calculated correctly in 15 minute 2 channel report if highest peak interval didn't fall into actual peak hour of data

1.5.9 Released  03/17/06

Added support for higher resolution basic data format in TRAX FLEX HS

Added comm port checking for download to list only available ports

Corrected problem with end-of-file marker not being set correctly in basic data files

1.5.8  Released 02/23/06

Added comma delimited ASCII export of report

Added option to exclude Miscellaneous Statistics from Stat Print

Added error checking to correct for firmware issue that could occur with data from TRAX RD in low volume situations

Revised installation so that files opened by double-clicking through Windows Explorer do not have path and name truncated

Revised Per Vehicle processing so Direction Descriptions entered in Per Vehicle screen get applied to Volume data column titles for all layouts

Corrected problem with redistributing last column of speed or class file with 12 bins or less

Corrected problem with deleted interval from end of binned data file staying deleted if you closed file without saving it

Corrected problem with TimeMark import not using correct interval timing for all files

Corrected problem where binned speed file would get reset as a volume file if you produced a volume report from the speed

file then saved the file

1.5.5 Released 09/29/05

Added additional report space in Report Generator so up to 128 reports for each type of data can now be stored

Revised basic data processing to provide greater accuracy when using TRAX Plus HS unit with four inch spacing for speed &class data

Corrected problem with files saved in the Per Vehicle format causing a  Run Time error 6 if you tried to process data with Volume across top

Corrected problem with Header not saving changes made if you closed file using Windows 'X' box rather than File, Exit

Corrected problem with Per Vehicle file not reopening properly if you processed a basic file using a volume only layout to the volume data, then tried to use the 'Return to Per

Vehicle' section to go back

Corrected problem with binned data files becoming corrupted if the Convert  to Volume tool was used

Corrected problem with 60 minute report not formatting correctly if data was in 15 minute intervals and did not start on even boundary

Corrected problem with binned 30-minute interval files generating a run time error 6 when attempting to print

Corrected problem with DT not coming up correct from TRAX I unit if downloaded in same session as a TRAX Plus previously downloaded with DT set over 100

Corrected problem with factor tables not being applied correctly due to sync issue with calendar dates

Corrected problem with data in class by speed matrix file getting removed if you deleted the Unclassified column of data

Corrected problem with 60 minute hour summary report not formatting correctly when using 1 Channel volume data

1.5.3 Released 05/06/05

Added TMG Export

Added ability to export time stamps of basic data into Excel or ASCII format

Added monthly report option for 1 channel volume data

Revised New York State Export, added new header file

Revised Basic data handling to eliminate run time error 9, Subscript out of range, on some files

Revised date processing to improve handling of Windows formats

Revised Override Dead Time to allow setting of DT up to 1 second

Revised Override Dead Time to allow setting DT to lower number than was originally set in the TRAX, depending on firmware

Revised print routine to allow preview of report even if no print driver has been installed on the computer

Revised Excel export to be independent of Excel version on computer

Revised export of Per Vehicle data to use filter settings from Per Vehicle screen

Revised TAS-compatible ASCII export to provide more column header info

Corrected problem with PDF files not appearing correctly in Adobe Reader version 7

Corrected problem with PRN export where last interval was left off some files

Corrected problem with ASCII export using TAS compatibility where the exported time was using seconds incorrectly

Corrected problem with run time error 380 occuring if you attempted to copy a block of data larger than 502 intervals, starting after the first 99 intervals of the file

Corrected problem with processing ITC downloads containing large amounts of intervals

Corrected problem with L8 layout where data from some basic studies where not being processed correctly

Corrected problem where changing the start time in a basic file did not carry over to the correct time in the Per Vehicle screen

Corrected problem where run time error occured when trying to access the 'View Extended Header Info' button in the basic

screen after having accessed the Plot of the Basic data

Corrected problem with opening files whose name and path was longer than 120 characters

Corrected problem with street name field in the File Open screen cutting off after the first 20 characters

Corrected problem with importing data from TimeMark format

Corrected problem with file header info overwriting one file to another if both files were marked in use.

Corrected typo in column headings of PennDOT scripts (2 axle single changed to 3 axle single)

1.4.2 Released  08/19/03

Corrected problem with program not discarding some pulses from multi lane layouts in basic data

Corrected problem with Excel export of Per Vehicle Table not exporting all data

Corrected problem with error occuring if Save as One Most Popular Vehicle was selected as option in basic data

1.4.1 Released  08/08/03

Added ability to produce gap data from basic files collected using volume only layout

Added ability to print start and end dates of data in comments area of reports

Added unclassified percentage progress bar to basic data processing

Added Dead Time Overrride option to basic data

Added additional schemes for class and speed

Revised basic data processing to provide greater accuracy

Revised Advanced Options of basic data processing to increase ease-of-use

Revised Matrix reports so data wraps instead of truncates when there is not enough space to fit on one line

Revised Speed data so Column Titles cannot be editied

Revised New York State Export to allow interval lengths other than 60

Corrected problem with data duplication when producing individual data type reports from matrix data

Corrected problem with proper conversion of speed data when dealing with basic data files done in metric

Corrected typo in Per Vehicle Stat Print reports

Corrected problem with printing of vehicle volumes in Stat Print reports

Corrected problem with Convert to Volume command not changing flags in all areas of the file

1.3.7 Released 04/23/03

Revised New York State Export to use Regional Header files

Revised Advanced Options of Basic Data Processing to use program's average speed as default instead of user's and to keep unclassified pulses as the default

Corrected problem with New York State export using Federal direction combination of 7 for channel 1 and 3 for channel 2

Corrected problem with processing some basic data collected in metric

Corrected problem with using the Graph Basic Data button if the start time of the file was from 12 AM to 12:36 AM

1.3.6 Released 04/02/03

Added New York State DOT export header file to installation

Corrected bug with producing reports that cover multiple years

Corrected bug with using Change Fonts button in Matrix reports

1.3.4 Released 03/26/03

Revised New York State DOT export to accept new header file

Corrected problem with loop binned data reading L24 layout correctly and creating length files

1.3.3 Released  03/20/03

Corrected bug related to the Per Vehicle filtering of vehicles with large following distances

Corrected bug related to the processing of loop data collected using the L24 layout

1.3.2 Released  03/01/03

Added Utilities under Tools menu for changing data path and clearing recent files list

Added ability to select from multiple temp files when reprocessing data

Added ability to subtract data using script editor

Added ability to copy file information from Open screen to Windows clipboard for pasting in other programs

Added ability to convert binned class, speed and gap files to volume files using the Tools menu

Added additional report options

Revised Basic data processing to provide more options and greater accuracy

Revised ASCII export to allow export into TAS ASCII format

Revised font color used in Per Vehicle screen

Revised New York State export to meet new 4.0 format

Revised several settings in the Portland PDX export

Revised binned report setup to allow more than 4 directions of data

Corrected problem with data duplication in some reports when data was process in 15-minute intervals, start time rounded to :30 and report was done in 60 minute intervals

Corrected problem with basic data screen reading in tube spacings improperly when TRAX was set to metric mode

Corrected problem with error occurring when selecting Class data from data collected in Per Vehicle mode

Corrected problem with script editor not adding columns properly to binned data

Corrected problem with error occurring with certain reports when only a few intervals of data were used

Corrected problem with error occuring if change interval length tool was improperly used twice on the same file

Corrected problem with Excel not properly recognizing data for graphing with Per Vehicle table exported in Excel format

Corrected problem with error occurring if 261 compatibility was checked when exporting a class file to PRN format

Corrected problem with error occuring when attempting to copy and paste extremely large blocks of data

1.2.0 Released  09/16/02

Added ability to Upload schemes to TRAX

Added import for Mitron XLS files

Added export for City of Portland PDX format

Added support for metric class schemes to two decimal places

Added Scripting ability to modify or move data

Added ability to import and export schemes

Added additional Class and Speed Report options

Corrected problem with New York State export

Corrected problem with PRN export not listing direction info correctly

Corrected problem with PRN import not reading 2 direction files correctly

Corrected problem with 15 minute binned data not reporting data correctly if report started on half hour

Corrected warning message that occured if saving multiple basic or per vehicle files without processing them through to data screen

Corrected problem to allow specific times and dates to be selected for all volume reports

Correct problem reading class data from ITC counters

Corrected typo in Peek compatibility of Preferences

Corrected problem where download binned class files showed all zeroes if Peek compatibility was selected in Preferences

Corrected speed label in Stat Print when using metric scheme

Modified basic data processing to increase accuracy

1.1.8 Released 04/02/02

Added PRN Import for Streeter/Peek & ITC format files

Added Export to PRN format

Added Export to New York State DOT EI 01-001 format

Added ability to produce summary reports from the Per Vehicle Data

Added ability to produce combined gap data from two directions of data when collected in Per Vehicle or Basic mode.

Added ability to change interval length of file by combining intervals

Added additional report options

Added unshaded reports for easier faxing

Added additional analysis schemes

Added support for TRAX I Plus extended header format

Added ability to set a default report for similar data types

Added ability to edit Count Identification info directly from report setup

Revised Basic Data Plot to make fonts larger

Revised Open Style Preference setting to speed up file retrieval

Updated Tube Layout file

Corrected problem creating or processing speed or class files longer than 3 weeks

Corrected problem with setting interval times in print setup.

Restored ability to save files in TDF or DFL format

Corrected problem using speed schemes of more than 14 bins with Per Vehicle data

Corrected problem with Pace speed in speed reports done in KPH

Corrected problem with Per Vehicle export not exporting class 14 data

Corrected problem with Per Vehicle export to allow one direction to be exported at a time

Corrected problem reading in TPF files created by TAS

Corrected problem with 60 minute 1 day per page volumne report not formatting correctly if file contained less than 24 hoursof data within the same day

Corrected problem processing data from Per Vehicle menu when time is automatically adjusted to 12:00 AM

Corrected problem with L2 layout not processing correctly from basic

Corrected formatting problem with 15 Minute report of 2 channel volume data when file does not contain AM data on first day

Corrected problem setting correction factors if computer's Short Date format was set to MM/dd/yyyy

Corrected problem with Save As for TRF files corrupting header of file

Corrected problem created if data folder set in the program's registry entry is deleted or renamed

Corrected problem with 12:00 PM peak times listed as 00:00 on 15 Minute 7 Day Per Page report

Corrected problem with Import/Export of volume reports from report generator

Corrected problem with Station ID value being listed for TDF files in the File/Open screen if TWF files were in the same folder and had Station IDs assigned

Corrected problem if you try to process data from the Per Vehicle screen and have less data than the selected interval length

Corrected problem with L12 data collected in Per Vehicle mode listing 4 directions instead of two

1.0.9 Released 12/12/01

Added Excel Export DLL back to install

Modified files used in the Open File screen

Updated Print Preview files

Fixed problem with pace speed listed for intervals with no data

Fixed problem with serial numbers carried over from file to file

1.0.6 Released 12/05/01

Added ASCII Export

Added ability to print volume reports from binned data

Added ability to print standard reports from matrix data

Added mfc42.dll file to install to correct problem related to spr32x30.ocx file on some Windows 95 and First Edition 98 operating systems

Corrected problem with calculating ADT and AADT on some files using specific times

Added Reports for Matrix data

Corrected Excel Export for Matrix data

Added expanded Reference Manual PDF to install

Corrected problem with how the number of vehicles greater than limit was calculated for speed statistics

Defaulted Clipboard setup to include Column Titles and Interval Times

Added and redefined Help buttons

Corrected L10 layout for two directions

1.0.1 Original Release - 10/31/01

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