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TRAX Apollyon USB Driver

Note that installing and using the USB drivers for the TRAX Apollyon is only supported for the Windows 7, 8 & 10 operating systems.

IMPORTANT: When you first connect a TRAX Apollyon to your computer the USB drivers are automatically available through the Windows Update web site. This is the recommended method for installing the drivers and is described below.

If you have trouble installing the drivers automatically, they can be installed manually by 

downloading the drivers from the Dropbox link. The file you will need to download is USB

Drivers for TRAX This is a zip file that contains all the files necessary to load the

USB drivers for the Apollyon.


When connecting the USB cable to your Apollyon, be sure to plug into the USB Download Port (not the USB Memory Port) as shown here. The USB Memory Port should only be used for USB Flash Drives. Also be sure that no USB Flash Drive is plugged into the USB Memory Port while you are trying to use the Download Port.

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