RAC Series:  Vehicle Installed Distance Measuring Instruments


Accurate, reliable and easy to operate, our RAC units are THE BEST distance measuring instruments (DMIs) on the market. These cost-effective units save time and money by allowing personnel to measure distance, accurate up to 1 foot per mile, while driving as fast or slow as necessary. Results can be read directly off the DMI's display.


Much safer than the old 'Hand-Wheel', these units will pay for themselves in increased productivity in a matter of days.


Take advantage of all the RAC-GEO-II capabilities with the

RACPro Software

Sensor Types


Using either the RAC Geo's on-board GPS distance sensor, or an external distance sensor, the RAC DMIs provide you with the best combination of accuracy and convenience.

Distance sensors do the behind-the-scenes work of the RAC distance measuring instruments. These sensors read and modify the data coming from your vehicle and send a signal to the RAC telling it when to count distance.

There are currently four types of distance sensors that can be used to do distance measuring:

-Internal GPS (RAC Geo II Only)

-External OBD

-External Modular

-External Magnetic

Why are there four types?

Because distance measuring instruments are used by a wide variety of customers who often have different needs and in a wide variety of vehicles that don’t all work the same.

The simple breakdown of the four is that the on-board GPS and AutoLink OBD sensors are the newest and easiest to install (plug and play, no tools required), but that ease of install trades a degree of accuracy. The magnetic and modular sensors are more precise, but also more intensive to install, requiring getting under the hood and splicing wires.


The accuracy of the GPS and OBD sensors are about 5 feet per mile, while the magnetic and modular sensors are about 1 foot per mile.

Introduced in 2010, the AutoLink is the simplest to install external distance sensor that's ever been on the market. While it is not as precise as the modular or magnetic sensors (1 foot per 1000 feet vs. 1 foot per mile), its overall accuracy is suitable for a large variety of applications.

Introduced in 2003, the Modular Distance Sensor is the most widely used distance sensor in the world today. It provides 1 foot per mile accuracy and is easier to install than the magnetic sensor. However, it is not compatible with some vehicles.

The Magnetic Distance Sensor uses the oldest technology of the three sensors, but when properly installed, remains the most accurate. While the installation of this sensor is the most intensive of the three sensor types, there are no vehicle compatibility issues.

New Features


The RAC Plus I and RAC Geo II offer new features and improvements to the older RAC-100/200 units, and highlight our continuing efforts to constantly improve.

Variety of Uses

Road Inventories - Surveying - Mapping/Staking - Planning - Fault Locations - Maintenance - And More


RAC Plus I Specifications

Power: 9 to 16 VDC, negative ground.

Display: Dual 6 digit window, high intensity LED.

Separate LED indicators for unit or measurement and interval distance. Four brightness levels.

Accuracy: +/- 1 foot per mile.

Resolution: 1 foot.

Keyboard: 20 sealed keys, 5 million operation with click & tone feedback. ON/OFF slide switch.

Speed Display: Three digit 0-999 (mph & kph) displayed simultaneous with distance.

Time: Elapsed/Real Time (hh,mm,ss).

Count: Bi-Directional (Up/Down).

Calibration: Automatic & manual with four vehicle calibration and vehicle number ability. Non-Volatile EEPROM Memory.

Test: System check on power up w/display of calibration & vehicle number.

Automatic Distance Conversion: Miles (thousandths) to Total Feet to Meters (kilometers).

Count Hold: Stops accumulation of distance.

Display Hold: Freezes display without loss of distance.

Pre-distance: Capability of starting at known distance or Add/Subtract desired distance value from current distance display.

Interval Distance: Display of distance between selected events & total distance.

Distance Pulse Output: 0-5 VDC, low going high, user selectable interval and duration.

Sensor Error Detection: Checks for sensor error due to vehicle’s dynamic motion.

Memory Retention: Non-Volatile EEPROM for calibration & vehicle numbers — 50+ years retention.

Circuitry: Solid state, surface mount, modular, EEPROM, micro-computer.

Case: ABS non-warping plastic.

Dimensions: 7.8"W x 2.3"H x 1.2" D.

Weight: 6.5 oz.

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 75°C.

Warranty: 5-year instrument warranty.


RAC Geo II Specifications (In addition to the above)

GPS: Built-in GPS receiver capable of being used for distance measuring without the need for any other sensor, with accuracy of within 1 foot per 1000 feet.

Memory: 4 MB memory, 400,000 Event locations, 0-9999 Event code identifiers, Distance, Time & Speed, up to 30 hours of GPS data.

Memory Retention: Non-volatile EEPROM, calibration & vehicle numbers.

Data Output: Serial RS-232.

GPS Compatibility: Receive and store GPS coordinates.

WAAS enabled, 12 channel GPS receiver capability allows 2D GPS accuracy of approximately 2 meters.

Without WAAS, depending on the location in the continental US and satellite accessibility, horizontal GPS accuracy is approximately 6 meters.

RACPro Software

RACPro is data analysis & reporting software for the RAC Geo II Distance Measuring Instruments.

RACPro is a Windows-based program for use with the RAC Geo II Distance Measuring Instruments. It allows you to download surveys that have been collected with the RAC Geo II and once that data is in the program it can be analyzed and edited in a variety of ways. Comprehensive reports, which can be customized to suit your needs, can be produced.


Data can also be collected and sent from the RAC to a computer in real time.


Data that has been collected with GPS coordinates can also be mapped using the optional MapPoint software or Google Earth. Note that mapping with Google Earth requires an active Internet connection. Mapping with MapPoint can be done offline.


Introduced in 2010, this program replaced the older WinRAC Plus software.


RACPro is actively maintained and free technical support is available both online and via phone.

-Downloads Data from the RAC Geo II

-Allows Real Time Interface with Geo II

-Allows Mapping of GPS Data

-Includes more than 500 sign images

-Produces Extensive Reports

-Familiar Windows-style Design

-Multiple Export Options

-Full Technical Support

-And More

Download RACPro Software

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